Weekly Screenshot: Cadillacs and Dining-Swords

Whoever comes up with the best title gets to nominate two MatchVid of the Day candidates. As always, the rules are one entry per person and i’ll choose my favorite on Tuesday.


JBA Mariah sets up A1 Landenkuro Koge, Bast no Jiryoku, and B+A2 xx A1 Correction, then jumps forward with air Bast no Jiryoku while Midler whiffs c.A1 after performing her Motor Show super. The timing and spacing for this scene took quite a bit of time to develop.

Here are some alternate variants i captured before settling on the final version above:




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22 Responses to Weekly Screenshot: Cadillacs and Dining-Swords

  1. SofaKingAC says:

    “Leaked Transformers 3 Screencap”

    I’d watch it…

  2. Bob Sagat says:

    In before 1000s of “female drivers” titles.

  3. Bob Sagat says:

    Oh, and my entry: Carjacked Cadillac Attack!

  4. Doopliss says:


  5. onreload says:

    Cadillacs and Dining-Swords

  6. Bob Sagat says:

    Ok, Doopliss wins. Onreload, we got it. :P

  7. EA575 says:

    Jojo’s Life in Vegas

  8. chicobo329 says:

    “Midler’s Drive-in Diner”

  9. Bob Sagat says:

    Lol, Tarnish

  10. Woe Is You says:

    Taking You For A Ride

  11. Gamegeezer says:

    Bast so strong, pullin metal back from the 60’s and shit o.O???

    Look at dem ‘Llacs!

  12. Maj says:

    Hahaha so many awesome/bad puns, i couldn’t decide. 88 MARIAHS PER HOUR! and SONIC VROOM were both awesome, but Doopliss and Tarnish had won so recently that i had to give a slight advantage to …

    onreload: Congratulations, you get to choose two match videos to be featured on ComboVid during the next week or so. The only restriction is that they must be uploaded to the proper channels – either belonging to the event organizers or to one of the players. (I don’t want to support people who try to get attention by ripping stream matches or stealing from other websites.)

  13. Doopliss says:

    Puh, because I didn’t check what the winner’s prize was. I would’ve been unable to choose two match videos, because I don’t watch them XD

  14. onreload says:

    hooray! uhm, this might take me a sec due to the fact that I almost exclusively watch videos on TheShend, who unofficially uploads many 3rd Strike matches…I can ask him if he does so with their blessings, though, but if not, then the problem becomes embedding nico nico douga videos…lemme see what ksk/other still have up.

  15. onreload says:

    So I just did a huge writeup with highlights and such on two matches, one from gamersvision, one from a-cho…then when I went to hit post, it became evident that WordPress logged me out. I almost vomited out of anger…sigh…

    Was looking at this Dudley/Elena set at 7:09 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgCuNfgrT10) which is from a Kansai 3-on-3 Ranbat at the A-Cho, I don’t know the player names…and this bizarre Gamers’ Vision Ranbat 9-3 Finals match between Tokido (a fantastic Chun-Li player) and Tottori (a great Ryu)…but Tokido uses Sean, and Tottori uses Alex…after match 1, Tottori goes back to his Ryu, but Tokido sticks it out with a beastly Sean. My favorite moment is at 0:58 when Sean backthrows Alex into the corner, but Tokido, realizing he has 0 vital AND 0 pressure possibility with Sean, backs away slowly…

    Sorry it’s so sloppy, but you know how it is. If you need more information, let me know and I’ll re-dig.

  16. onreload says:

    ^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0UH8vafRHY link for that last bit, kind of important

  17. Maj says:

    So um … Are you recommending the first match, or the second, or both?

  18. onreload says:

    For Tokido/Tottori, the first one (Sean/Alex), for Dudley/Elena, the first match. Problem is that they’re both later in the video.

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