Run It Back: The Road to SoCal Regionals – Episode 1

In preparation for SoCal Regionals coming up next weekend, Zaid “RedRapper” Tabani has taken it upon himself to produce what is essentially a full-length documentary. It features Street Fighter heroes Alex Valle and James Chen, as well as many newcomers and familiar faces, discussing their first tournament experiences and future expectations for SCR.

jchensor telling a Street Fighter myth at 0:05, CaliPower’s original Marvel Super Heroes poster at 6:42, rare jchensor flashback footage at 11:45, LAAkuma OG HF Blanka strats at 14:20 …

recorded on October 13th, 2010 at Wednesday Night Fights

filmed and edited by RedRapper

RedRapper – SSFIV Theme Remix
Eminem ft. Royce Da 5’9″ – Scary Movies

released today, October 28th, 2010

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5 Responses to Run It Back: The Road to SoCal Regionals – Episode 1

  1. Maj says:

    I’m still slowly making my way through this whole thing, but i like the random TZW combos (2:54), random gilley combos (2:51 and 13:57) and “ONLY THIRTY NINE NINETY NINE PREORDER NOW!” at 8:45.

    Btw the last minute or so is blank black screen, so don’t wait it out or anything.

  2. Maj says:

    Zooming into forums posts makes me laugh. Lots of funny lines too:

    “But Chen hopes for more!” at 30:30
    “Sonic.” at 33:17
    “And sent home.” at 51:20 (Haha he wasn’t really sent home, was he?)

    The whole segment on streaming at 34:09 and the infamous Evo2k10 SSF4 Grand Finals disaster was really interesting too.

    It’s crazy though – I didn’t realize i was watching a “follow three players through a tournament” movie until almost the very end. I thought it was more about behind-the-scenes tournament organizing, but i guess it had a fair amount of that too.

    Anyway i liked it overall. It was strange to see so much continuous match footage shown. Usually in these types of movies, they butcher it to the point where you can’t even follow the action. So that was nice.

  3. Tarnish says:

    I laughed when Alex talked about “Real Talk.” I don’t disagree with his view on it, save for that it’s definitely an East Coast thing. I think the jargon sounds fake elsewhere because it really is fake if EC isn’t a genuine part of you or if you’ve never been. Sucks having a term “on notice” when you know folks that aren’t just using it as the thing of the week.

    I think what really has stood out is that James shared a lot of those same stories with me or others at Season’s Beatings 5 and I’m sure in other areas as well. As far as “business characters” go, I didn’t know he had N Ken as a side character in ST, but it wasn’t a surprise when I thought about it. Makes even more sense to me now. Every Cammy player in ST has to have some kind of a contingency character for Honda lol. It’s no fluke, though, he even took out Damdai in a Ryu vs N Ken match in tournament during their 3/5 set in winners.

    And man, I want that Marvel Super Heroes poster.

  4. darcontek says:

    This is pretty fucking cool. The narrators voice is like one of those guys on the history channel or on any documentary.

  5. onreload says:

    Yeah that’s a solid narrator. Fits this type of thing more than when I had on my laid-back demeanor for Magnetro’s ambiently-scored VA2 Explanations.

    Overall I think the movie is lopsided, but very interesting, I wish I got to shoot footage for my little documentary/ies with experienced players as well. James is a great story teller.

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