KoFXIII Character Combo Videos (10.14)

This third set of King of Fighters XIII individual character combovids finally brings us up to date on all of them uploaded by SNK’s Hong Kong branch so far. This batch covers the oldschool Fatal Fury team and the dysfunctional team. Iori just can’t say “No” to crazy ladies apparently.

Iori, Vice, Mature, Kim, Hwa, and Raiden represent the third batch. Now we’ve got Iori with a full damage combo, along with Hwa, Kim, and Raiden hovering right around the 90% damage mark. Giving Vice a harpoon whip was a great idea by the way – an interesting dynamic for a grappler to possess.

combos and editing by ???

originally released on October 14th, 2010

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3 Responses to KoFXIII Character Combo Videos (10.14)

  1. Bob Sagat says:

    I love these vids.
    Vice is looking real good, can’t wait to see what people’ll do with her in matches. Ever see that CvS2 vid that has “Crazy Japanese Vice” in the title? So awesome.

  2. Fireball says:

    KoFXIII finally looks like what I had hoped KoFXII was going to be. I think they really nailed down how those sprites have to move and collide in this game.

    KoFXII always felt a little “flash game”-y the way sprite collision looked.

  3. Maj says:

    SNK should bring back special endings for themed teams.

    Team Muay Thai: Joe, Hwa, King
    Team Intense: Andy, Kim, Takuma
    Team Ryu: Daimon, Joe, Yuri, Kensuo
    Team Crazy: Mature, Vice, Leona
    Team Rainbow: Athena, Raiden, ???

    Actually it’s kinda funny how Hwa and Adon were revived around the same time, considering how far back both of them date.

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