New Interviews Section Added

Now the Interviews archive has its own button in the main menu bar above. We’ll continue adding a brand new interview every week on Wednesdays. In fact, i already have the next two lined up and ready to go!

Beyond that, is there anyone specific that you guys would like me to interview? I don’t know everyone in the community but i do know most of the combo makers and oldschool players.

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One Response to New Interviews Section Added

  1. dayun says:

    It’s hard to think of anyone in specific, but I’m always curious to know the history and evolution of the tourney scene, because I’m fairly new to it to be quite honest. As a kid though, i used to subscribe to Tips & Tricks, and its funny how many names i can actually recognize. That being said, i’m never against a good interview with someone like the Cannons, or a player that has been around through every Evo. I just like to hear what they think of the quality of the fighting games out today, as opposed to the ones they got their names ingrained into the community with.

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