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Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness has some of the most interesting animated backgrounds i’ve ever seen in a 2D game. There’s all kinds of elaborate insanity going on back there.


CB Jin’s Blodia cancels BIT High Blast into Planet Smasher as Mary’s Reptos performs Thunder Shaking so that both superfreezes occur simultaneously. Super moves are called Cyber EX attacks in Cyberbots – they cost full meter and they don’t have trailing shadows. The flames under their feet are special effects added by the stage, once the orbital platform begins descending into the atmosphere.


CB Santana’s B.Riot’s Graviton Field glides over Bao&Mao’s B.Swordsman’s air Far Trap Launcher as B.Swordsman air dashes upward and shoots out HA air Photon Splash. Elevating the camera via air dash is necessary to keep B.Riot’s head from being covered by lifebars, which don’t become clear when depleted.


CB Mary’s Jackal cancels BIT Upward Blast into Giga Rain during Arieta’s Warlock’s air Final Sacrifice startup, as her Imitation Beta shadow starts to fade. Normally Warlock’s decoy maintains a fixed distance, but disappears by reuniting with Warlock when its timer is up. It’s possible to widen the separation by backdashing quickly as it begins to drift forward.


CB Jin’s Gaits recovers from the first uppercut of his Kuuzen Zetsugo super as Gawaine’s Helion’s j.LA descends from behind. Gaits’ uppercut specials face forward while active, then spin around during recovery. His Cyber EX move actually had to be performed facing left so he’d face right with his back turned.


CB Gawaine’s Fordy performs the third somersault of his Nebulous Dream super (Cyber EX) while Jin’s Gaits cancels his HA Shogyou Mujou teleport into his Kuuzen Zetsugo super and recovers from its first uppercut. This image is modeled after a much older pair of screenshots from 2008. Hopefully the resemblance is clear enough.

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