God of War II Combo Video by Magnetro

God of War 2 was developed by SCEA Santa Monica Studios where a number of oldschool Street Fighter players worked as designers and animators. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that many of these Kratos combos look like they came straight out of a fighting game.

GoW2 Kratos projectile madness combo at 1:23, throw tech trap combo at 2:56, petrify parry reflect combo at 4:07, and time-warped crumbling pillars sequence at 4:14

gameplay and editing by Magnetro

additional combos provided by Maj

soundtrack: John Powell – Bim Bam Smash

transcript and explanations:

originally released on June 6th, 2008

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  1. Maj says:

    I noticed Magnetro removed this video from his u2b channel (because i guess he wants to keep it MvC2-exclusive), so i figured i’d give it a home on my channel. Updated the embed above, so it should work now.

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