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VS/VH2/VS2 Small Combo Compilation #01 by Keiko

Thanks to all the renewed interest in the Darkstalkers series, Keiko decided to release ten previously recorded combos from Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter 2, and Vampire Savior 2. Darkstalkers combos are always fun to watch, and this video is no … Continue reading

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Vampire Savior Ultimate Combo Movie by TKO

If you play any of the Darkstalkers series games, then you’re probably already familiar with the name TKO. His original Vampire Hunter combovid was super advanced, and everything in this Vampire Savior follow-up is just as ridiculous. Don’t question it … Continue reading

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KYSG Bonus Stage Collection Con’t by 538

Continuing his Bonus Stage collection, 538 has released eight more batches of leftover combos for Darkstalkers and Samurai Shodown 6 (aka Tenka). What makes these vids fun to watch is that there aren’t too many people exploring these games to … Continue reading

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