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SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#04 by Keiko and izumojin

Keiko’s latest Street Fighter Alpha 2 combo video is a collaboration with izumojin, and the result is absolutely astounding. It contains so many crazy setups and new discoveries that it’s impossible to keep count. The sheer amount of style on … Continue reading

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Street Fighter Gouki Combinações by leandroff5

Known for his tool-assisted speedruns of oldschool fighting games, leandroff5 also releases combovids every once in a while. This one features three different sprite forms of Akuma! highlights: SSF2T Akuma quadruple air fireball at 0:02, SF3:3S Akuma rejump divekick setup … Continue reading

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SFA3 Dramatic Battle TAS by error1

Error1’s latest tool-assisted fighting game speedrun was actually completed a while ago, but published by TASVideos this week. It’s another Dramatic Battle playthrough featuring A-Ism Rose and Dhalsim, this time tearing through Street Fighter Alpha 3 with insane co-op combos. … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Review Chapters 5 and 6 by Keiko

The fifth and sixth chapters in Keiko’s Street Fighter Alpha 2 comprehensive combo tutorial series feature Birdie and Adon – two characters without much combo potential on the surface. As usual, these videos are almost entirely manually executed, except for … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#03 by Keiko

Keiko’s third volume is somehow even crazier than the first two. With a classic game like Street Fighter Alpha 2, a lot of videos start to look similar after a while. It’s no small feat to make the game look … Continue reading

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Street Fighter Alpha TAS by error1

In case you haven’t noticed, error1 is producing fighting game videos for Machinima now. Apparently they’ve asked him to do a “Respawn Roll Call” video introducing himself, which he’s arranged as a voiceover on a Street Fighter Alpha tool-assisted speedrun … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#02 by Keiko

After a long wait, Keiko’s second volume of insanely technical Street Fighter Alpha 2 combos is finally here. Once again it’s a fast-paced short video, containing seventeen full combos featuring a wide assortment of characters. And this time, it’s tool-assisted … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#01 by Keiko

Taking a break from SFA2 review tutorials, Keiko has produced this amazing short video of Street Fighter Alpha 2 combos. Don’t let the length fool you – this game is fast! There are no less than fifteen full combos featuring … Continue reading

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SFAA Combos and Glitches by stgeneration

For the past twelve months, stgeneration has been uploading individual Street Fighter Alpha Anthology clips to his u2b channel – featuring all kinds of ridiculous combos and glitches. He’s finally compiled all of them into one video, so here it … Continue reading

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SFA2 Rose Alpha Counter Combo Options by Keiko

Taking a break from compiling “Combo Reviews” for SFA2, Keiko has put together this video to demonstrate all of Rose’s combo options following a successful punch Alpha Counter – one of the few in Street Fighter Alpha 2 that isn’t … Continue reading

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