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SSF2 Boiling Oil – A New Challengers Vid by Bob Sagat

When we think about SF2 bonus stages, our minds immediately jump to the infamous car stage, or the wine(?) barrels, or even the console only brick stage, but what about the oil drum stage? It turns out that by positioning … Continue reading

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SSF2 Bonus Stage Combo Video by izumojin

In a surprise twist, izumojin’s newest combovid takes place entirely on two bonus stages from the SNES version of Super Street Fighter II. The obstacles at the center of each stage prevent characters from drifting apart, enabling crazy long link … Continue reading

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SSF2 (SNES) Combos by eotwld666

Here’s something you don’t see every day – brand new 16-bit Super Street Fighter II combos! Somehow eotwld666 pulls a 12-hit combo out of T.Hawk, which is kind of amazing when you consider that the previous record on the arcade … Continue reading

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