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SC5 Dark Soul Edge by sithlord and Paranormal Oreo

Ready for another dose of Soul Calibur 5 combos? Paranormal Oreo and sithlord have teamed up to bring you seven minutes of multi-character footage, displaying both style and damage. highlights: SC5 Natsu double Critical Edge juggle at 1:58, Cervantes midscreen … Continue reading

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SC5 Hardcoar by sithlord

Here’s another highly technical Soul Calibur 5 combo video from sithlord, starring Xiba, Leixia, and Astaroth in over six minutes of footage. According to the description – Ukemi, Aerial control and All Guard were on during all combos except the … Continue reading

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SC5 Astarothology 101 Combo Video by sithlord

Tekken combo master sithlord has put together nearly four minutes of giant axe combos starring Soul Calibur 5’s Astaroth. Expect a great deal of technical creativity as usual! highlights: SC5 Astaroth midscreen air throw finisher at 1:19, Astaroth insane 24-hit … Continue reading

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SC5 Nightmare and Cervantes CV by Ragnarok

Ragnarok sent in this Soul Calibur V combovid this week and it seems to the be start of a new series. This episode features “Bacon Sword Nightmare” and Cervantes. highlights: SC5 Nightmare double-digit wall combo at 1:04 and Cervantes cross-under … Continue reading

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Soul Calibur V Combo Video by Doopliss

Despite Soul Calibur’s rather murky definition of “combo,” Doopliss is taking the new title out for a spin. The result is four minutes of multi-character content, with a lot of blue lifebars turned red. highlights: SC5 Z.W.E.I Critical Edge juggle … Continue reading

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