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Evolution 2k2 Raw Footage 3 by Shirts

Here’s another twelve minutes of raw camcorder footage from Evolution 2002. It starts off with over four minutes of Chikyuu’s T.Hawk beating down Guile in Super Turbo. It only gets more serious from there, with Shirts himself facing off against … Continue reading

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Evolution 2k2 Raw Footage 2 by Shirts

Shirts continues to upload camcorder footage from Evolution 2002, the last arcade-exclusive Evo-series tournament before the switch to consoles. This one is considerably longer than the first, but with fewer cameo appearances and more Super Turbo matches. highlights: young man … Continue reading

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Evolution 2k2 Raw Footage 1 by Shirts

Old man Dhalsim player Shirts sent in this camcorder footage from Evolution 2002 featuring some of the community’s most famous players in their youth, talking into a camera. highlights: young man Viscant modeling fancy pants at 0:25, the Cannon brothers … Continue reading

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