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SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#04 by Keiko and izumojin

Keiko’s latest Street Fighter Alpha 2 combo video is a collaboration with izumojin, and the result is absolutely astounding. It contains so many crazy setups and new discoveries that it’s impossible to keep count. The sheer amount of style on … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Review Chapters 5 and 6 by Keiko

The fifth and sixth chapters in Keiko’s Street Fighter Alpha 2 comprehensive combo tutorial series feature Birdie and Adon – two characters without much combo potential on the surface. As usual, these videos are almost entirely manually executed, except for … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#02 by Keiko

After a long wait, Keiko’s second volume of insanely technical Street Fighter Alpha 2 combos is finally here. Once again it’s a fast-paced short video, containing seventeen full combos featuring a wide assortment of characters. And this time, it’s tool-assisted … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Movie Vol#01 by Keiko

Taking a break from SFA2 review tutorials, Keiko has produced this amazing short video of Street Fighter Alpha 2 combos. Don’t let the length fool you – this game is fast! There are no less than fifteen full combos featuring … Continue reading

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SFAA Combos and Glitches by stgeneration

For the past twelve months, stgeneration has been uploading individual Street Fighter Alpha Anthology clips to his u2b channel – featuring all kinds of ridiculous combos and glitches. He’s finally compiled all of them into one video, so here it … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Review ~ Chapter 2: Sakura by Keiko

Barely ten days after the first chapter, Keiko is back with another comprehensive tutorial containing nearly every practical combo option available to Sakura in Street Fighter Alpha 2. highlights: SFA2 Sakura s.HK, c.LK link at 2:38, SFZ2A Sakura meaty backwards … Continue reading

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SFA2 Combo Review ~ Chapter 1: Guy by Keiko

It’s nice to see such comprehensive tutorials being made for classic fighting games that never had these benefits in the primes. This one covers all of Guy’s major combo options in Street Fighter Alpha 2 by category: meterless combos, anti-air … Continue reading

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SFA2 Alpha Counter Reversals by Keiko

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is notorious for having dominant Alpha Counters. This video provides practical (and impractical) examples for dealing with them with every character. highlights: SFZ2A Rolento vs Charlie at 0:29, SFA2 Zangief vs Birdie at 1:11, SFA2 Rose … Continue reading

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SFZ2A Dramatic Battle TAS by error1

Ever since TASVideos began officially supporting arcade emulators, fighting games have been attracting increased attention from within their community. This Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Dramatic Battle tool-assisted speedrun is probably the best one yet. highlights: SFZ2A Rose/Dhalsim vs Sagat … Continue reading

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