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Street Fighter Gouki Combinações by leandroff5

Known for his tool-assisted speedruns of oldschool fighting games, leandroff5 also releases combovids every once in a while. This one features three different sprite forms of Akuma! highlights: SSF2T Akuma quadruple air fireball at 0:02, SF3:3S Akuma rejump divekick setup … Continue reading

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SFA3 Dramatic Battle TAS by error1

Error1’s latest tool-assisted fighting game speedrun was actually completed a while ago, but published by TASVideos this week. It’s another Dramatic Battle playthrough featuring A-Ism Rose and Dhalsim, this time tearing through Street Fighter Alpha 3 with insane co-op combos. … Continue reading

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SFAA Combos and Glitches by stgeneration

For the past twelve months, stgeneration has been uploading individual Street Fighter Alpha Anthology clips to his u2b channel – featuring all kinds of ridiculous combos and glitches. He’s finally compiled all of them into one video, so here it … Continue reading

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SFA3 A-Ism Guy Combos by Xenozip

Ever since Street Fighter Alpha 3 was overrun by V-Ism dominance, Guy has emerged as one of the few remaining torchbearers for defiance by way of A-Ism. This video painstakingly demonstrates A-Guy’s various combo options, in addition to numerous safe … Continue reading

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SFA3 V-Cody Tool-Assisted Playthrough 6 by leandroff5

This appears to be the sixth and final draft of a Street Fighter Alpha 3 TAS (or TAP) starring eveyone’s favorite handcuffed knife-wielding brawler, Cody. highlights: SFA3 V-Cody two-way knife jab combo at 1:00, V-Cody triple guard crush VC at … Continue reading

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