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KYSG Bonus Stage Collection by 538

To celebrate 20,000 channel views and 200,000 video views, 538 has uploaded a huge batch of unreleased combo clips recorded from 2003 to 2007. While some of this material has since been surpassed by other combo makers, the content in … Continue reading

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Street Fighter Alpha TAS by error1

In case you haven’t noticed, error1 is producing fighting game videos for Machinima now. Apparently they’ve asked him to do a “Respawn Roll Call” video introducing himself, which he’s arranged as a voiceover on a Street Fighter Alpha tool-assisted speedrun … Continue reading

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SFAA Combos and Glitches by stgeneration

For the past twelve months, stgeneration has been uploading individual Street Fighter Alpha Anthology clips to his u2b channel – featuring all kinds of ridiculous combos and glitches. He’s finally compiled all of them into one video, so here it … Continue reading

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SFA Random Combos #01 by Keiko

If anything in this video seems strange, that’s because five different arcade/console versions of Street Fighter Alpha were used produce the large variety of bizarre combos shown. highlights: SFA Dan vs Birdie at 0:28, Auto-Mode Charlie vs Bison at 0:48, … Continue reading

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