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KoF97 Combo Explanation Movie by SCanon5749

Along with his KoF97 Combo Movie series, SCanon5749 uploaded a detailed tutorial explaining the primary concepts behind his combos. Can we work together to translate and transcribe this video in English? It would be a good research resource to have … Continue reading

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KoF97 Combo Movie Series by SCanon5749

SCanon5749 just released a series of four King of Fighters ’97 combo movie volumes, each containing 3-4 minutes of creative new content for this vintage year’s entire roster. highlights: KoF97 Joe fancy corner links at 1:48 of vol.1, King post-SDM … Continue reading

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KoFXIII EX Iori Combo Movie by SCanon5749

Everyone’s making an EX Iori combo video for King of Fighters XIII lately. This one seems to be tool-assisted, with a lot of crazy extended juggle tricks. Check it out and compare with the others. highlights: KoFXIII EX Iori laying … Continue reading

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