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Wake-Up SRK by Pokey86

Pokey86 continues his astonishing Street Fighter 4 series combovids with yet another oddly titled project – focusing on essentially half the roster of SSF4 Arcade Edition. Most of these clips are outright mindboggling, especially considering they were all manually executed … Continue reading

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SSF4AE Quiz Answer Combo Video by Pokey86

Pokey86 released a trio of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition quizzes a few days ago – mainly because he had some time to kill. Naturally, those brainteasers turned into an explanation video with tons of examples. If you haven’t … Continue reading

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MvC3 Dante/Akuma/Zero Combo Video by Pokey86

Knowing that Pokey86 started producing combo videos with the Devil May Cry series, it’s no surprise to see Dante headlining his team in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Let’s see what he was able to accomplish by adding Akuma and Zero … Continue reading

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Shoto Shuffle by Pokey86

This was intended to be a combo video displaying only anti-air combos, but my lack of creativity, and in some cases execution got the better of me. That said it’s still fun to make a video, and this one has … Continue reading

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SSF4 Understanding Juggle Mechanics by Pokey86

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the juggle rules of SSF4, this video is for you. It was compiled to accompany Pokey86’s SSF4 Juggle Mechanics Guide which covers the entire cast. notes: Keep in mind that the information contained in … Continue reading

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