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Dusty Marvel Combos by Wolverine-Master

This is basically a leftovers video, but it’s a pretty great one by those standards, especially if you enjoy oldschool Marvel vs Capcom series combos. There’s even a common theme running through the majority of the clips – the instant … Continue reading

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Joo’s Combo Collection

Today happens to mark the one-year anniversary of the official release of Joo’s Marvel vs Capcom 2 Combo Collection DVD – containing 130 unbelievably technical combos, featuring every character in the game, and representing over five years of research and … Continue reading

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MvC2 Neta Compilation by Magnetro

With the year nearly over, Magnetro has gathered all of his “scrap clips” and combined them into one video “for easier reference and better presentation.” He says he has no more content left, so take a look – for old … Continue reading

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Stride Or Die

This Strider exhibition (featuring MvC, MvC2, Namco vs Capcom, and Strider 2) is actually over a year old, but it’s still pretty awesome. Blazt The Speakerz uploaded it in high quality this week and sent me the link, so here … Continue reading

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MvC2 Variable Atmosphere 2 by Magnetro

Today turned out to be an incredibly slow day, so i’m going to use it as an excuse to spotlight a classic video that i happened to rewatch recently. As with its predecessor, this tool-assisted Marvel vs Capcom 2 exhibition … Continue reading

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Magnetro’s Random Combos

Looks like Magnetro couldn’t stay away from MvC2 combos after all, which is good for us because we have another excellent video to watch. This time he’s decided to put his programmable controllers away and perform those Magneto stunts by … Continue reading

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MvC2 Variable Atmosphere by InventiveFlow

The main idea behind this Marvel vs Capcom 2 exhibition was to show outrageously elaborate situations that might come up if both players had the execution of programmable controllers. highlights: MvC2 Sentinel counteracting Gambit glitch at 1:02, Bison getting shot … Continue reading

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MvC2 DVD Preview by joo

Normally i don’t feature trailers here, but it’s impossible not to make an exception when the project in question took five years of thorough exploration and data mining. highlights: MvC2 Cable vs Sentinel at 0:32, Chun Li vs Juggernaut at … Continue reading

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