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SSF4 Seth Combo Video by MrDustKicka

Although the description says “most of you Street Fighter players have probably already seen these combos before” and most of them are indeed old, there are a couple of nice variants. highlights: SSF4 Seth midscreen crossup juggle at 1:48, Seth … Continue reading

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SSF4 Combo Exhibition by MrDustKicka

MrDustKicka brings us four minutes of Super Street Fighter IV combos, covering a wide range of characters this time. As he says in the description, “none of the combos are new” but this seems to be the first of three … Continue reading

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SSF4 Rose Combo Video Part 1 by MrDustKicka

Ready for a new Super Street Fighter IV combovid? MrDustKicka is back with three minutes of Rose goodness, with more on the way. It starts off basic but gets good near the end. highlights: SSF4 Rose whiff Soul Throw combo … Continue reading

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SSF4 Cody Combo Breakdown Part 1 by MrDustKicka

Well it’s shaping up to be a slow Monday, so here’s a recent video that didn’t get much attention. Most of these combos are aren’t new, but it’s really cool how they’re annotated. highlights: SSF4 Cody midscreen ultra setup vs … Continue reading

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