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SF4V Let the Combos Hit the Floor by Nashberry

Nashberry sent in this online match highlight video, showcasing quite a few flashy combos possible in SF4 Volt. It’s surprisingly linteresting to watch, partly because of how different ultras look in the mobile version of Street Fighter IV without all … Continue reading

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SSF4AE Fei Long Mixup Tutorial by Snoooootch

Normally i don’t post highlight videos here, but this one is structured more like a mixup tutorial using online match clips – so i’m making an exception. Snoooootch demonstrates a combination of practical tactics and stylish finishers for all you … Continue reading

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Evo2k11 MvC3 Top 32 Hype Video by tragic

Shown before the top-32 bracket for Marvel vs Capcom 3 on Saturday, this was a compilation of exciting moments from various major tournaments held in 2011. It’s pretty hype. highlights: ComboFiend’s iconic Bionic Arm comeback at 0:12, Floe hating life … Continue reading

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KoFXIII Chaos CMV Vol. 1

Team Chaos LA has been spending quite a bit of time at the arcade – gathering live footage for this combo music video in preparation for the console release of King of Fighters XIII. Think of all the quarters that … Continue reading

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Knifin’ Around by spookydonkey

As a follow-up to his recent SSF4 Cody combovid, spookydonkey has compiled a highlight reel of “KniFADC, neg-edge KnifeGrabThrows, and great CriminalUpper juggles.” It’s a lot of fun to watch, even if you’ve never played Cody before. highlights: SSF4 Cody … Continue reading

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SSF4 Match Highlights and Combos Ep. 1 by desk

I’ll be honest, the badass ShinSho ultrafreeze at 1:23 is the only reason i’m posting this. From a technical standpoint, there’s never anything new in these match highlight videos. Sadly, most of the community seems to have given up on … Continue reading

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SSF4 Game Play and Stuff by Kadeybaybe

There’s quite a lot of just plain cool-looking stuff in this Super Street Fighter IV match play compilation, and it’s always fun to watch someone who’s willing to try creative counters. highlights: SSF4 Guy futile escape attempt at 0:44, Ken … Continue reading

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SSF4: Are You Kidding Me? by XN3DragonX

Somehow this collection of weird Super Street Fighter IV online battle interactions ended up on the SRK front page and i enjoyed watching it, so i think you guys might enjoy it too. highlights: SSF4 Sakura’s backwards ultra2 landing fully … Continue reading

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SSF4 Match Highlights by Doopliss

Instead of doing a MatchVid of the Day, let’s try something different today. Back when Super Street Fighter IV was first released and everyone was trying to figure out the new characters, Doopliss compiled these clips from a series of … Continue reading

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Super Street Fighter IV HMV by desk

Looks like desk has a new Super Street Fighter IV combo video for us, once again with direct footage of him performing every clip in real time. (Does ‘HMV’ stand for Hands Music Video?) highlights: SSF4 El Fuerte RSF variants … Continue reading

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