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KoFUnion KoF94&95 CMV by rock2no

It’s always unbelievable to see genuinely new material in classic fighting games as old as King of Fighters ’94 and ’95, but here’s three and a half minutes of crazy new hotness. highlights: KoF95 King corner juggle at 0:47, Lucky … Continue reading

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KoF95 Practical Combo Movie by Vanira

For some reason, this video’s description reads “practical and useful combos exhibition” – but these King of Fighters ’95 combos are extremely situation-specific and difficult to perform. highlights: KoF95 Kyo side-switch craziness at 2:32, Ryo double-chop at 2:40, Kensuo backwards … Continue reading

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KoF95/97/98 Throw Negation Bug by rock2no

While working on his latest combovid, rock2no discovered a series of related glitches which negate grabs in King of Fighters 95, 97, and 98. This video shows how they’re performed. notes: It’s a fairly straightforward glitch and rock2no has even … Continue reading

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KoF95 Combo Music Video by rock2no

Few combo makers “own” a game the way rock2no owns King of Fighters ’95. It doesn’t even matter if you play the game – his videos are always fun to watch, with countless surprises. highlights: KoF95 Robert side-switching jabs at … Continue reading

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