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SFxT Tekken Characters Team CMV by jadeshikonapan

Apparently this video is jadeshikonapan’s “final work in SFxT.” While it’s sad to see him neglect the entire Capcom roster, you couldn’t ask for a much better closing chapter than this. highlights: SFxT Paul/Law 44-hit corner linkfest at 2:32, Steve/Hwoarang … Continue reading

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SFxT Tekken Characters Solo CMV by jadeshikonapan

This six-minute Street Fighter x Tekken combo video features one lengthy tool-assisted solo combo with each Tekken character, pushing their capabilities to the limit. It’s pretty amazing. highlights: SFxT Asuka 25-hit midscreen beatdown at 1:46, Raven 31-hit crossunder style exhibition … Continue reading

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SFxT King/Marduk CMV by jadeshikonapan

Every single installment of jadeshikonapan’s tool-assisted Street Fighter x Tekken combovid series is absolute must-watch material for fans of the game. They usually include 3-4 clips with relatively dry editing, but this episode starring the grappler duo of King and … Continue reading

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Weekend Roundup: SC5, KoF2k2, SFxT, UMvC3

It’s been a busy week, with quite a few great combovids released without me having a chance to post them, so here they are in this weekend’s roundup. As always, if you like what you see, please take a moment … Continue reading

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SFxT Yoshimitsu/Raven Pandora Study by jadeshikonapan

Self-proclaimed Tekken fan jadeshikonapan has been making tool-assisted Yoshimitsu and Raven combos to explore the combo system of Street Fighter X Tekken. He’s already released four installments with transcript notes included in each video, and three of them are still … Continue reading

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MotW Tool-Assisted Combo Vid 2011 by jadeshikonapan

Ready for fifteen minutes of absurd Garou: Mark of the Wolves combos? This video covers every character in the game and uses the most technically advanced setups available to squeeze out every last hit of combo potential. Much of it … Continue reading

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