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SSF4 Combo Exhibition 2 by Dj-B13

Released a month after his first installment, this volume featured a wider assortment of characters and combo concepts. Most of it still holds up, despite being three months old. highlights: SSF4 Cammy corner juggle at 1:27, Ken dizzy combo at … Continue reading

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SSF4 Combo Exhibition by Dj-B13

This was released over four months ago, but it still holds up nicely. In fact we haven’t heard anything from Dj-B13 in a while. Hopefully this’ll help encourage him to make more videos! highlights: SSF4 Dan corner combo at 0:27, … Continue reading

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MvC2 Variable Atmosphere by InventiveFlow

The main idea behind this Marvel vs Capcom 2 exhibition was to show outrageously elaborate situations that might come up if both players had the execution of programmable controllers. highlights: MvC2 Sentinel counteracting Gambit glitch at 1:02, Bison getting shot … Continue reading

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