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LB2 Combo Movie: The Final by adakino

The Last Blade series was something of a cult classic among SNK fighting game fans – mainly for its unique roster, fluid animations, and original combat systems. Nowadays it’s quite rare to see any new material whatsoever for these SNK … Continue reading

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KoF2k PS2 Additional Striker Combos by adakino

The PlayStation 2 version of King of Fighters 2000 had a few console-exclusive assist characters, and adakino puts them to good use here. I can’t quite figure out if this is a new video or simply a higher quality recording … Continue reading

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KoF2k2 Combo Movie by adakino

I’m happy to see adakino continuuing to upload a steady stream of his classic videos – for obscure fighting games as well as mainstay SNK titles. While most of these videos are several years old, the quality of content is … Continue reading

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Power Instinct: Bonnou Kaihou CMV by adakino

Where does adaki find these obscure fighting games? Apparently this video was completed five years ago, but he’s just now made it available on his u2b channel. I can’t even tell what these ridiculous characters are doing most of the … Continue reading

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Grappler Baki Infinite Combos by adakino

Well, the good news is that apparently i convinced SNK combo legend adakino to finally register a u2b channel so hopefully that means many more excellent combovids on the way. The bad news is i don’t recognize any of these … Continue reading

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