USF4: Gouken Combo Video 22

The fans voted, and the fans shall receive! The next character highlighted in my main combo video series is gouken and focuses on his ability to stack mad damage and juggle for days! All combos for the most part are fairly impractical, but offer some new flair on combos that have been long established. Without further ado, enjoy the video!

Highlights: 0:28 Character specific, side specific, 1f link off of S.HK into a dirty walk forward sweep!, 0:45 Dirty U2 into massive fireball juggle then ending with U1 Combo!, 1:15 meaty s.hp link into sweep with a followup combo all edited to the beat of the music!, 1:28 double counter/fadc into U1, 1:37 disgusting combo using decapres U1 to use a flurry of normals ending with a nice juggle into u1.

Music Is: Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives – Coffins

Released: 7/27/2015

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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SFIV Series: Combo Legacy by pepopulo

Made for SFIV’s 7th aniversary, pepopulo brings us Combo Legacy, a vid made to showcase the different combos and glitches that different combo vid makers came up with throughout these 7 years of SFIV, from Vanilla to Ultra and Omega, performed again by the man himself.

highlights: Gouken 100% combo at 1:05 (SFIV), Makoto meaty Hayate craziness at 2:39 (SSFIV), Cammy and Yang completely breaking the game at 5:14 (SSFIV AE), Seth’s Sonic Boom loops at 8:54 (SSFIV AE 2012), Gen and Decapre U1 trades at 9:56 (USFIV) and Marvel combos in Streer Fighter at 13:15 (Omega)

combos by ArmchairTitan, cjbqulix, Combonauts, CoMBo Nem,, Desk, Doopliss, dragonballjoseph, Dreamking2323, Error1, Maj, pepopulo, Persona, Petey86, Sho Kitamura, smileymike101, Snoooootch, TomSinister and VRyu, and performed by pepopulo

edited by pepopulo

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ST Eternal by Bob Sagat

Super Turbo combo video with all new, never before seen combos and setups by Bob Sagat.
Unfortunately not aired at EVO 2015 as planned, but still thanks to STRevival for keeping ST alive at EVO and getting it up on stream.

Boxer combos two standing hits into Headbutt at 0:16, Old Sagat connects 3 Tiger Shots in one combo at 1:28, and Ken manages to follow up a medium Dragon Punch with a super at 2:01

combos and editing by Bob Sagat

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MKX: Predator Practical/Stylish Combos (All Variations)

Thought that this character was so iconic that he deserved an equally so combo video featuring some of the most ridiculous setups and combos a character can preform. It’s been a while and I thought this would be an awesome time to come back, so without further ado, enjoy the show.

Highlights: 0:19 Shoryuken Esque self-destruct combo on ferra/torr for maximum flash, 0:34 Half-screen corner carry combo with all the beastly qualities worthy of a predator, 0:56 Huge combo into an x-ray finisher just to make the opponent hold that dirty setup, 1:36 insane 11 hit combo with only two normal moves used and the rest being projectile special moves!, 1:59 the never ending combo using all the resources he can to make his opponent watch the movie that is the predator….

Music Is: Aliens VS Predators Club Eden Remix

Released: June 9th, 2015

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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SF3 Series Combo Video 9 by P.M.

SF3 series part 9-13, this time the juggle properties for the post throw animation was the main point for most of the cast. It was never truly explored until now just which throws can be comboed from and into and put into a series of videos. You can really expect trades you haven’t seen before and/or improved use of glitches. You can find parts 10 to 13 in my channel.

Highlights: Combo Video 11 really focused on most of the characters post throw potential at some part of the SF3 versions.

combos and editing by P.M.
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Smash 4 1.08 Combos and More from 4Glory Gaming

The 1.08 patch for Smash 4 came with many surprises but none greater than the inclusion of the World Warrior Ryu. Since then 4Glory Gaming has been in the lab; creating a combo exhibition worthy of the ultimate Street Fighter himself. Filled with optimal damage strings, edgeguard setups, and footstool locks, whether you are a beginner or advanced level player there is something to learn!

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MKX: Reptile Practical/Stylish Combos (All Variations, Mainly Nimble)

My First MKX Combo Video representing my main Lizard in his most stylish form! The video is split about half and half between practical damaging combos/setups and stylish oddities with the engine no one else but a combo master could find! Hope you all enjoy!

Highlights:0:27 29% No Meter Practical Combo, the most he can dish out that I’ve found without noxious or using meter, 1:25 1 meter 42% optimal nimble combo on quan chi, works for most of the cast, 1:35 four forceball combo into halfscreen run followup for maximum style, 1:50 Highlight of the video, Incredibly stylish delayed forceball following a corner carry combo then interrupting the animation of the ender and allowing me to fall then wakeup into a reversal throw to just barely connect!

Music is: Reptile By Skrillex

Released: Aprily 26th, 2015

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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KoF XIII: 100% combo video (Ash, EX Kyo, Kim “teams”)

100% combos (with added KO effects) for Ash Crimson, Saiki, Billy Kane, EX Kyo Kusanagi, EX Iori Yagami, Mr. Karate, Kim Kaphwan, Hwa Jai and Raiden.

combos and editing by Persona

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USF4: Decapre Combo Music Video 21

The long overdue next addition to my main usf4 combo ccv series is here, this time with a big emphasis on music synchronization with the combos! Experience all the stylish and impractical combos the series is stable for!

Highlights: 0:14 U1 to super then back to the same U1 to KO with the music, 0:50 Using the supers momentum to push balrog further into the U1 to kill instead of whiffing, 1:30 U1 into another U1, 2:15 Super meaty c.hp character specific combo into U2, 2:26 SUPER long combo setup with a crazy finish having U1 into level 3 FADC straight into U2 after the dash!

Music Is: Mikkas & Amba Shepherd – Finally (Jay Cosmic Remix)

Released: April 3rd, 2015

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Kevin Rian – Tribute

Maiden Masher and Pinhead from UltraCombos decided to make a combo vid tribute to Kevin Rian from MOTW. Insane combos, check this out!

Kevin against Grant at 1:13, against Terry at 2:22 and against B. Jenet at 2:55.

combos by Maiden Masher and Pinhead.

edited by KofJin.

soundtrack: Mega Man X3 – OC ReMix.

originally released on March 08, 2015.

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