Every Wednesday, we’ll have a new interview with a top player or combo maker; to explore their personal mindset as well as the overall history of our community. ComboVid’s entire interview archive is stored here in reverse chronological order.

Combo Maker Profile: Persona

  02.22.2012 – Persona has been making combo videos for over ten years, starting with King of Fighters 2000 and Capcom vs SNK 2. He prefers to focus on finding new combos, usually sticking to minimal editing so that he can concentrate on game engine research.

Combo Maker Profile: Snoooootch

  02.01.2012 – Snoooootch began making combo videos with Street Fighter IV, and built up a diverse repertoire of releases within a very short period of time. He enjoys recording and editing videos for quick weekend projects, massive collaborations, and everything in-between!

Five Questions with Brett D. Bayonne

  08.03.2011 – The man who crafted the story of Balrog: Behind the Glory, Brett Bayonne was responsible for drafting and revising the screenplay which served as the foundation of the film. He’s played fighting games since the SFII era, and currently plays SSF4AE and MvC3.

Five Questions with Gregory Gertmenian

  07.20.2011 – The main man behind Chubby Boy Films, Greg Gertmenian produced the upcoming short film Balrog: Behind the Glory – set to premiere at Evo2k11 in Las Vegas. He’s been playing Street Fighter II Turbo on 16-bit consoles for roughly sixty-five years.

Five Questions with David “Magnetro” Avila

  02.09.2011 – As one of the most prolific video makers in the Marvel community, Magnetro has produced just about every type of project imaginable for MvC2 – from combo exhibitions, to glitch compilations, to strategy tutorials, to pure situational experimentation.

Five Questions with Justin “JWong” Wong

  02.02.2011 – Easily one of the most recognizable names in fighting game history, JWong has been winning major tournaments every year since claiming the MvC2 championship at B5. He has been successful in nearly every game from SF3:3S, to CvS2, to Tekken 6, to SSF4.

Five Questions with Sebastian “OneHandedTerror” Jennings

  01.26.2011 – Since the early days of Street Fighter IV, OneHandedTerror has been known as one of the most dedicated Chun Li players in the tournament scene. His “Advanced Chun Techniques” tutorial series has introduced countless players to the finer points of SSF4.

Five Questions with Scott “SaBrE” Bender

  01.05.2011 – Specializing in underrated “brawler” characters, SaBrE has been an active contributor to the fighting game community since the very beginning of SRK – moderating the forums and running tournaments in his home state of Arizona.

XSPR Interviews TZW-ART?

  12.14.2010 – TZW-ART? is probably the most influential combo video maker of all time. XSPR submitted this interview with the SF2 combo legend, conducted with help from Ksedaka.

Five Questions with Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas

  12.08.2010 – Known as one of the premier rushdown specialists in the country, ComboFiend has been terrifying defensive players since the early tournament prime of CvS2. He placed within top 4 twice at Evolution, in 2005 and 2006 – and now plays SF4 Abel and SSF4 Guy.

Five Questions with Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago

  12.01.2010 – If you play MvC2 and you don’t know the name Clockw0rk, then you just don’t know Marvel. He placed top 8 at Evo2k2 and more recently in top 3 at Evo2k10 – representing unique, crowd-favorite Strider/Doom teams that almost nobody else plays effectively.

Five Questions with Ed “Edma” Ma

  11.03.2010 – While most players recognize Edma from his early success in SF4 tournaments and his 3rd-place finish at Evo2k9, he’s actually been a strong contender in several games for quite a few years now. He placed in top 8 at EvoWest2k6 and Evo2k7, among other majors.

Five Questions with Jason “DreamTR” Wilson

  10.27.2010 – From organizing the long-running Midwest Championships annual majors, to writing strategy guides for Tips & Tricks Magazine, to designing game controllers at NubyTech and Pelican, to working on MK vs DC at Midway, DreamTR has done it all in the game industry.

Five Questions with Jay “Viscant” Snyder

  10.20.2010 – Hailing from San Diego, Viscant is truly one of the godfathers of Marvel as we know it. When you’re given one of the most unrestrained sandbox games ever created, molding tactical structure out of those tiny grains is no easy task.

Five Questions with desk

  10.13.2010 – When you consider his entire catalogue to date, it’s easy to make the argument that desk is the best Super Street Fighter IV combo maker around. His videos are consistently creative, innovative, and just plain difficult! How does he do it?

Five Questions with Jason “Shirts” de Heras

  10.06.2010 – One of the most consistent SSF2T players from Southern California, Shirts has placed within top 8 at multiple MWC and Evo tournaments, as recently as 2008. Lately he’s been uploading raw Evolution footage he recorded way back in 2002.

Five Questions with John “ChoiBoy” Choi

  09.29.2010 – As the first person ever to win two marquee Evolution World tournaments over a single weekend, ChoiBoy is really good at Street Fighter. If you’ve ever met John Choi in the Losers Bracket of any tournament, chances are you’ve lost to John Choi.

Five Questions with Derek “omni” Daniels

  09.22.2010 – Our first guest has been a major influence on the Street Fighter scene since the olden days of yore. Derek Daniels has been an admin on SRK since the beginning of recorded time. He’s currently working on various projects at Activision’s Central Design Group.

Interview with James “jchensor” Chen

  09.15.2010 – Everyone knows jchensor, right? It doesn’t matter what aspect of fighting games you enjoy; he’s been involved in just about everything.

Interview with Alex “CaliPower” Valle

  02.10.2010 – This Q&A with SoCal’s rushdown legend was conducted off-site at the beginning of the year, but it probably belongs here since it started this whole series.