SG2E Gunrock by Mr Peck

Mr Peck pointed out that there haven’t been any Skullgirls videos posted here since vanilla, and a lot of exciting developments have happened since then – both within the Skullgirls community and the game itself. This creative 2nd Encore video focuses on the heavily armed trio of Peacock/Robo/Double, featuring only 100% unshakeable and untechable combos.

SG2E Double double-chomp at 0:53, R.Fortune full-screen light show at 1:15, Peacock floorbounce fiesta at 1:51, and Peacock double-snap at 2:45

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combos and editing by Mr Peck

soundtrack: Keishi Yonao – Gunrock (Strania -The Stella Machina- OST)

released today, October 8th, 2016

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3 Responses to SG2E Gunrock by Mr Peck

  1. Mr Peck says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I’m a huge fan of the site, I loved your articles and combo videos over the years, and the footsies handbook was a massive help when I started trying to play at a competitive level, so it’s great to finally be on here. Good luck with the game you’re working on!

  2. Maj says:

    My pleasure, it’s a great video. It happened to be a slow weekend for me for the first time in a while, so the timing worked out. Good luck on Indivisible!

  3. Bob Sagat says:

    Awesome! I’m terrible at this game, but I love spending time in training mode.

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