Street Fighter V: FANG Combo and Tech Exhibition Video

This is the first official SFV combo video on my channel and features none other than the dastardly menace FANG! A character that is often slept on, this video aims to show some of his extended combo potential in the stylish variety, along with a good amount of mix-ups thrown in for good measure! If your a fan of this goofy individual, then this is sure to be a must a watch!

Highlights: 0:40- Nasty EX Mine conversion against Nash utilizing FANG’S good juggle potential, 1:06- Crush Counter Sweep Combo’d into throw followed up by a sneaky reset, 1:34- Unveiling of one of FANG’s true 50/50’s off of a normal wake-up in the corner, 2:10 Tight coward crouch follow-up after a combo leading into a meaty super on Nash (may be character specific?), 2:24 The holy grail of FANG combos AKA a 30 hit stylish combo featuring a wide variety of links, all three meters, and v-trigger! More optimal versions of this combo exist for less hits with a possibility to reach up to 90% damage!

Music: Song 1- Control Freak- Hyrule(zoo)
Song 2- JaySounds – Told ‘Em All

Released: 9/1/2016

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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