Rising Thunder: Omega Combo Video by Doopliss

With Radiant Entertainment being bought up by Riot Games, Rising Thunder will close on March 18th. I felt that I really wanted to make one last combo video before that happened.

Dauntless max-range jump-in conversion at 0:03, Talos grabfest at 0:35, Chel extended juggle at 1:57, Vlad mid-combo Dropcket at 2:32, Edge “all specials” juggle combo at 3:25, Crow Ripose combo at 4:04.

Combos and editing by Doopliss


Done in build 1728

Combo Terminology:
, = link, or do move later
xx = cancel the previous move into the following move
cl. = close
s. = standing (Far variant, or any variant if obviously required)
c. = crouching
j. = jumping
jet. = Pressing up to cancel a cl.H or in the air with Vlad
f.M = forward+Medium
j.d.H = jumping down+Heavy
A1 or A2 = Alpha Special 1 or 2
B1 or B2 = Beta Special 1 or 2
G1 or G2 =Gamma Special 1 or 2
n.A1 = Neutral Alpha Special 1 (For Stuff like Chel and Crow A1)
OD= Overdrive Attack (OverDrive)
KAD = Kinetic Advance, Dash
KABD = Kinetic Advance, Backdash
KAJ = Kinetic Advance, Jump (forward)
KAJB = Kinetic Advance, Jump backwards
KANJ = Kinetic Advance, Neutral Jump
whiff = misses completely
meaty = hits later than usually possible.
() = The combos and moves in the parentheses are the “set-up combos”, so to speak.
x4 = do it four times.
[]x2= Do everything in the brackets twice.

This transcript is simply a text dump from my project text file, no time stamps will be provided due to time constraints:


1: Max range j.M, c.M xx A2 xx G2 xx Held B2, cl.M xx H xx A2 xx KAD, B2 xx KAD, OD
2: (s.LPx4 xx) Anti-air G2 xx Held B2, f.M xx KAJ, j.d.H, c.H xx KAJ, j.L xx j.A
3: (s.H whiff punish on Talos) s.H xx OD, dash, f.M xx KAD, cl.H xx A2 xx KAJ, j.A


1: (On Croucher) j.d.H, cl.Hx2 xx c.M xx G3G
2: Charged A1, b.M xx B1 xx KAJ, airgrab, s.L xx G2 xx OD
3: j.L xx J.A2, cl.Hx2 xx f.H xx KAD, b.M xx G2 xx KAJ airgrab (From other side), s.L xx G3 xx B2
4a: (j.d.H, s.Hx2 xx f.H, G3 xx KANJ) nj.d.H, s.Hx2 xx f.H, b.M xx G3 xx slightly held B1 (switches side) xx KAJ airgrab, s.L (stun), A2
4b: (j.d.H, s.Hx2 xx f.H, G3 xx KANJ) nj.H, s.Hx2 xx f.H, b.M xx G3 xx B1 xx KAJ j.H (stun), j.H, cl.Hx2 xx f.H, b.Hx2 (To walk back slightly before it, making them fall on the right side of you) xx G3 xx OD


1: Anti-air meaty cl.M, Airgrab, f.A1 xx KAJ, j.H, airgrab, f.A1 xx b.OD xx KAJ, whiff j.A1, G3
2: j.H, f.H, c.M xx G1, B1 xx KAD, A2 xx KAJ, j.H, airgrab, f.OD
3: j.H, f.H xx f.M xx B1, cl.H xx G3, A2 xx KAD, A2 xx OD xx KAD, G3 (Not sure which OD I used, shouldn’t matter)
4: j.H, cl.H xx A2 xx KAD, s.L xx B2 xx b.OD xx KAD, Dash x3, last hit G2.


1: j.d.H, cl.H xx jet.H, cl.H xx A1 xx KAJ, jet.H, cl.M xx H xx G2, j.H xx jet.H, s.L xx OD, B xx KANJ, j.A1
2: j.H xx jet.H, cl.M xx H xx n.A2, cl.M xx B (A2 hits), G2 xx KABD, OD, B xx KAJ, j.L xx n.j.A2
3: j.H, cl.H xx jet.H, [cl.H xx A1 xx KAJ, jet.H]x2, cl.H xx A1, s.M xx G2, cl.M xx H xx A1 xx OD xx jet.d.H
EXTRA: j.H, cl.H xx jet.H, [cl.H xx A1 xx KAJ, jet.H]x2, cl.H xx A1, s.H xx jet.M, s.M xx G2, cl.M xx H xx A1 xx OD, A1


1: G1B xx KAD, cl.L, c.L, s.M xx H xx A2 xx KAD, c.L, cl.M xx H xx H xx G1C, Full B2, c.H (Was gonna cancel f.M to B2, but I forgot :S)
2: j.H, c.L, cl.M xx H xx H xx A3, c.L, s.M xx H xx G2 xx OD, G2 xx KAD, Full B1, G2 xx KAD, lv.1 held A3
3: nj.L xx j.A1, s.M xx H xx B2 xx KAD, cl.L xx 1-hit A1, s.H xx G2, lv.2 B2 xx KAD, OD, Lv.1 B2
4: nj.H, s.H xx H xx A2 xx KAJ, j.H, c.L, cl.M xx H xx H xx A2 xx KAD, cl.M xx H xx H xx G1C, A2 xx OD, G xx Full B2, c.H


1: Backthrow xx KAD, B3, f.M, cl.H xx B3, c.H xx G1
2: n.G2, nj.M xx j.B, cl.H xx f.A xx KAJ, j.H, cl.M xx B3, cl.H xx n.A xx KAJ, j.M xx j.B
3: held b.A (until reloaded), held b.A, (First A hits) s.L (Second A hits), j.H, nj.M xx j.B, cl.H xx f.H xx OD, meaty (or just high-hitting) f.H, B3, f.A xx KAD, cl.M xx n.A xx KANJ, nj.H

Rising Thunder OST – Talos’s Theme

Released on March 15th, 2016

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