KoFXIII Leona Heidern CMV Silent Edition by Dark Chaotix

I always wish Leona had her rdp+B/D ( Heart Attack ) move and her Orochi change in KoF XIII to spice things up in the combo division, but unfortunately she doesn’t and she felt kinda linear. Doing this vid, had to spark some creation while also trying to get 100% still, and I am happy with the end result. She is quite damaging with a few meter bars, at the expense of not being so easy to use considering she is a charge character.

Be sure to also check out the bonus combo vid I made as well.

Spending bars at 1:28, Stylish combo at 1:41, Full screen death combo at 2:10 and sexy HD bypass at 3:24

combos and editing by Dark Chaotix

soundtrack: Jungle Bouncer ( Ikari Warriors Team Theme ) – KoF 94 AST

released on Noverber 7th, 2015

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