P4AU: Kanji Tatsumi Combo Video by Persona

Kanji is quite a simple character to understand simply for two reasons, I’ve used to play him online in the first version of the game and if you want to do a ton of damage, you’ll be saving all your meter for the very end, making combo building rather easy to understand since you filter out the meters in the rest of the combo. The combos you’re seeing are rather straight forward although there are some specific parts where you have to delay your chain in order to hit the opponent as low as you can to continue the combo. Also in order to be able to air grab the opponent in time after the grab super, you either have to start the grab super from the other corner or right in your corner. Anything inbetween won’t connect in time either because Kanji doesn’t run into the screen fast enough or his air grab doesn’t reach the opponent.

Combos and editing: Persona


Soundtrack: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax OST: A Pure-Hearted Beast

Released today, August 7, 2015

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