Rising Thunder: Alpha Combo Video by Doopliss

This video features combos from all six characters of the first public alpha build of the game.

Highlights: Dauntless cross-up juggle at 0:33, Talos double air attract combo at 1:06, Chel double airthrow combo at 1:31, Vlad heavy barrage at 2:16, Edge jugglefest at 2:38, Crow mix-up into stun at 3:40.

Combos and editing by Doopliss


Done in build 1112.

Combo Terminology:
, = link, or do move later
xx = cancel the previous move into the following move
cl. = close
s. = standing (Far variant)
c. = crouching
j. = jumping
jet. = Pressing up to cancel a cl.H or in the air with Vlad
f.M = forward+Medium
j.d.H = jumping down+Heavy
A1 or A2 = Alpha Special 1 or 2
B1 or B2 = Beta Special 1 or 2
G1 or G2 =Gamma Special 1 or 2
OA= Overdrive Attack
KAD = Kinetic Advance, Dash
KAJ = Kinetic Advance, Jump (forward)
KAJB = Kinetic Advance, Jump backwards
KANJ = Kinetic Advance, Neutral Jump
whiff = misses completely
meaty = hits later than usually possible against a standing opponent.
() = The combos and moves in the parentheses are the “set-up combos”, so to speak.
x4 = do it four times.
()x2= Do everything in the parentesis twice.

0:03: Combo 1: Fthrow xx KAD, cl.M xx H xx G2 xx 1-hit A (Fully held) xx OA

0:12: Combo 2: j.H, cl.M xx H xx B xx KAD, G1, cl.M xx H xx KAJ, j.L xx j.A

0:18: Combo 3: j.H, c.H, s.Lx2 xx A xx KAD, (s.Lx4 xx A)x2 xx OA, walk forward G2, B

0:33: Combo 4: j.d.H, cl.H xx B xx KAD, f.M xx KAJ, j.d.H, j.L xx j.A

0:39: Combo 1: j.d.H, cl.H xx c.L xx s.L xx G2 xx OA

0:49: Combo 2: j.H, cl.M xx B xx KAD, cl.H xx f.H, cl.H xx B xx KAD, G2x2

0:57: Combo 3: Held A, KAD, cl.M xx B xx KAD, f.H, j.Throw, s.L xx G2

1:06: Combo 4: j.L xx j.G1, cl.Hx2 xx f.H xx KAJB, j.G1, cl.Hx2, B xx KAD, c.H

1:13: Combo 5: f.Throw (xx KAJ, j.Throw, s.L xx B)x2

1:22: Combo 1: j.H, f.H, c.M xx G xx KANJ, nj.H, cl.H xx B2, cl.H xx KAJ, j.Throw

1:31: Combo 2: nj.H, f.H xx f.M xx B1, cl.H xx KAJ, j.Throw, f.A xx KAD, j.Throw, f.OA

1:42: Combo 3: j.d.H, cl.H xx G xx KAD (hold to run under), cl.H xx B1 xx b.OA xx KAJ, Run, j.Throw after last OA hit.

1:53: Combo 1: j.H, cl.H xx jet.H, cl.H xx A, s.M xx G xx OA xx jet.H, B xx KAD, cl.M xx KAJ, j.A

2:05: Combo 2: j.H xx jet.d.H, cl.M xx H xx KAJ, j.H, cl.M xx H xx Kad, G xx OA, c.H

2:16: Combo 3: j.H, cl.H xx jet.H, (cl.H xx A xx KANJ, jet.H)x2, cl.M xx H xx held B xx OA, B

2:29: Combo 1: (Start at charge lv.3) j.H, cl.M xx Hx2 xx KAD, cl.M xx Hx2 xx Gx2 xx KAD, G xx M xx Bx4

2:38: Combo 2: (Start at charge lv.2 or more) j.d.H, c.Lx2, s.L xx H xx B xx KAJ, j.M, A xx KAD, cl.H xx H xx Bx4, OA, d.Gx2

2:51: Combo 3: (Start at charge lv.1 or more) j.H, c.L, cl.M xx Hx2 xx KAD, c.L, cl.M, s.M xx H xx A xx OA, A xx KAD, Bx4, A

3:06: Combo 4: (Start at charge lv.2 or more) j.L xx j.A, s.M xx H xx B xx KAJ, j.M, OA, G xx Bx4, A xx KAD, c.H

3:19: Combo 1: (f.throw, walk forward, whiff j.d.H) meaty c.H xx 1st hit KAJ, j.d.H, cl.H xx f.A xx KAJ, j.H, cl.H xx f.A, c.M xx B1

3:28: Combo 2: Held A xx KAJ, j.H (A hits), j.d.H, nj.M xx j.B, cl.H xx A xx OA xx Dash, Dash, Run, f.H, cl.H xx B2, c.H xx G

3:40: Combo 3: (A, j.M, cl.H xx f.A, c.H xx G) meaty c.H xx 1st hit KAJ, j.H, nj.M xx j.B, cl.H xx A xx OA, meaty f.H, f.H xx KAD, f.M, f.H, f.H, B1 (STUN), walk back, hold A until A is recharged, release A, another held A (1st one hits), s.L (2nd one hits) f.H, f.M, f.H, cl.H xx B1

Rising Thunder OST – Edge’s Theme

Released on July 28th, 2015

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