USF4: Gouken Combo Video 22

The fans voted, and the fans shall receive! The next character highlighted in my main combo video series is gouken and focuses on his ability to stack mad damage and juggle for days! All combos for the most part are fairly impractical, but offer some new flair on combos that have been long established. Without further ado, enjoy the video!

Highlights: 0:28 Character specific, side specific, 1f link off of S.HK into a dirty walk forward sweep!, 0:45 Dirty U2 into massive fireball juggle then ending with U1 Combo!, 1:15 meaty s.hp link into sweep with a followup combo all edited to the beat of the music!, 1:28 double counter/fadc into U1, 1:37 disgusting combo using decapres U1 to use a flurry of normals ending with a nice juggle into u1.

Music Is: Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives – Coffins

Released: 7/27/2015

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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