ST Eternal by Bob Sagat

Super Turbo combo video with all new, never before seen combos and setups by Bob Sagat.
Unfortunately not aired at EVO 2015 as planned, but still thanks to STRevival for keeping ST alive at EVO and getting it up on stream.

Boxer combos two standing hits into Headbutt at 0:16, Old Sagat connects 3 Tiger Shots in one combo at 1:28, and Ken manages to follow up a medium Dragon Punch with a super at 2:01

combos and editing by Bob Sagat


Most of the bigger combos in this video use dizzy manipulation, where Player 1 and Player 2 can hold directions during the combo to influence the stun gauge. How this works exactly, I am not sure, but work it does. A lot of these combos would not have done as many hits without this mechanic.

0:05 The first few combos deal with how big Zangief’s hurtbox is. It’s big enough for Cammy to connect 4 medium attacks and almost her entire Super.
The attack in the wrong direction occurs when you input an attack while your character is still on one side of the opponent, then lands still facing the wrong way with the attack coming out immediately. This can happen in matches, but it’s so precise that it can’t be done on purpose.

0:10 Boxer charges during his jump and has to switch his charge as he changes sides. Crouching Zangief is the only one who can get hit by cr.MK linked into cr.HP, which Boxer then cancels into his Super.

0:13 Another example of Zangief being big enough to get hit by a lot of medium attacks in one combo. Blanka has to start his charge for the Rolling attack after inputting the st.MP, otherwise his headbutt would have come out. St.MP followed by 2 cr.MKs gives him enough time though.

0:16 The first really tricky combo. This one is based on a very specific glitch, which can actually be used in matches.(Though sparingly)
When Boxer does a st.LP, he can follow it up by a cr.LK, which he can then cancel into a cr.LP. This last cr.LP however, comes out as a st.LP, even though Boxer is holding down.
After this first part, Boxer can continue to do cr.LPs that come out as st.LPs, as long as he cancels them into each other. If he fails to do so, normal cr.LPs will come out and he has to start the glitch all over from the st.LP. However, if he just decides to stop doing cr.LPs, all he has to do is input another cr.LK and then cancel it into a cr.LP. The glitch is storable.
As Zangief jumps over, Boxer is charging a headbutt and has the glitch stored. Before Zangief crosses over, Boxer whiffcancels a cr.LK into a cr.LP. Zangief does a close st.MP, which gets hit meaty by Bxoer’s st.(really cr.)LP, allowing him to link in to a st.MK and cancelling it into a headbutt.
Normally Boxer cannot perform 2 standing attacks into a headbutt.

0:18 Dhalsim jumps over Sagat, lands, then immediately jumps back, without turning around. Sagat does a HP Tiger Uppercut, which trades with Dhalsim’s LK drill. Sagat stays grounded and performs two more Tiger Uppercuts, performing a 5 hit combo which leaves the opponent entirely off screen for almost the entire duration.

0:21 Claw does both a st.HP and a st.HK mid combo.

0:23 As Chun Li fires off a Kikoken, Blanka grabs her. During the grab, he is completely invulnerable, so the fireball passes right through him.
Both Chun Li and Honda have a glitched charge Super. After it’s charged and the motion has been input, holding forward will store the Super, until both forward and a button are pressed/released. Only then will the Super activate. While the Super is charged, they can let go of forward and input any direction and as long as they go back to forward, the Super will still be stored.
After the f+Punch to fire off the Kikoken, Chun inputs back, neutral forward, to complete the motion for a Super and charge it. Wiggling back and forth after this does not cause her to lose her Super charge, so she is able to mash out of the grab before Blanka does any damage, then activate her Super as he backflips into the Kikoken.

0:26 Ken whiffs 2 Funky Kicks to pass through crouching Zangief, hits him backwards with the second one, then uses some links and cancels to connect 3 Funky Kicks in one combo.

0:29 Blanka hits Ryu mid air to get Ryu to air recover and land behind Blanka as close to the corner as possible. Blanka whiffs a st.HP to keep him in place while charging.
The fast startup on Ryu’s cr.MK allows him to get hit by Blanka’s cr.MK while behind him and in time for Blanka to be able to cancel it into a whiffed Roll into the corner.(Meaty attacks cannot be cancelled.)

0:32 Dee Jay uses fireball clashes, invincibility frames and positioning to make his way through the Tiger Shot obstacle course. His Super and Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut won’t hit each other either.

0:37 Normally Blanka can’t Backward Hop through a fireball, because of his backward movement. Eventually his invincibility runs out and he gets hit. The speed of the Tiger Shot and the corner preventing Blanka from moving backward with the Tiger Shot however, allow it to pass right thourgh without hitting Blanka at all.

0:40 Zangief also uses both special and normal move properties to dodge the Tiger Shots.

0:43 The startup on Chun Li’s Spinning Bird Kick has enough invincibility to pass through fast moving fireballs. Apparently its recovery frames were just copy-pasted along with her hurtboxes, as Guile’s second Sonic Boom flies right through her as well.

0:46 Old Cammy’s midsection is invincible during and of the Spin Knuckles. When Blanka is close to the corner, he can do a HP Roll and a LK Rainbow Roll on the same charge.
During the Rainbow Roll he uses charge direction switching to be able to execute a Super on landing, charge a Roll during its startup and execute another Roll in the opposite direction as soon as the Super hits the corner. This happens fast
enough for him to pass through O.Cammy’s HP Spin Knuckle twice.

0:48 Blanka’s Roll is even fast enough to pass clean through Zangief’s Lariat, who’s also invincible in the mid-section.

0:52 Cammy and Ryu really don’t wanna hit each other. She’s small enough to be able to duck under both Ryu’s normal Hadoukens and his Super. (Can be used in matches, if you suspect a wakeup Super. Get close, duck, then punish however you want.)

0:58 After a round ends in any way and Ken is still standing, whether a won, or lost, if he’s in the middle of doing any of his Funky Kicks, he can keep cancelling them into each other for as long as he wants. It is the only special move in the game that doesn’t first go to neutral after it finishes, so the game can’t just tell him to stop doing them.
Blanka is the only character in the game with a hurtbox on one of his winposes. Fun ensues.

1:00 Akuma axe kicks Guile into his Zankuu Hadouken and recovers in time for a HP Shakunetsu Hadouken.

1:03 Sagat jumps over Blanka, so the latter can start a LK Rainbow Roll in the opposite direction. As long as it hits whilst Blanka hasn’t completely contracted into a ball yet, he just lands, instead of bouncing back first.

1:06 Honda gets hit by 4 MKs from Dee Jay, the last one doing 2 hits for a 5 hit combo.

1:08 Fei Long can follow up his f+HK step kick with a number of attacks.

1:12 At the perfect distance, Zangief can combo into his far st.HK.

1:14 Old Sagat’s Tiger Knee knocks Blanka back into a Tiger Shot he fired off earlier. Being O.Sagat, he can combo off of the second hits of his kicks, allowing him to combo into another Tiger Knee from his far st.MK.

1:17 Blanka’s Super tracks Dhalsim, who’s on his right side when he releases it. Dhalsim lands and punches into the Super. The hit pulls him in closer to Blanka, who can now combo off of a far st.MK.

1:19 Dhalsim punches into Chun Li’s Kikoken on the same frame as he gets hit by her Kyaku Retsu Kyaku, which usually can only hit once. The first hit being simultaneous with the Kikoken hit however, cancels this limitation and she is able to hit him a second time.

1:20 Here Chun Li hits Claw with the last hit of her Super at the same frame as her Kikoken. Normally her Super sends the opponent flying, but the simultaneous hit with the Kikoken keeps Claw grounded and now she can combo from her Super with someone other than Tenshou Kyaku.

1:24 Dictator flies over Blanka with his Super and Blanka walks into the very last frame of its second to last hit. Dictator recovers just in time to hit Blanka with a st.MP and charge direction switching allows him to cancel it into another Scissor Kick.

1:28 In a very un-ST moment, O.Sagat and Blanka chase a fireball, without a Maj jump™.
Fireballs that go off screen don’t immediately disappear, so O.Sagat does a Tiger Knee which trades with Blanka’s cr.LP. His hitstun animation leans so far back, he gets hit by the off screen Tiger Shot. O.Sagat fires off another one, which hits quite meaty, because Blanka is still leaning quite far back and recovers in time for a third Tiger Shot –low this time-, to hit as early as possible.

1:33 The infamous Maj jump™ setup. A character throws a fireball as Claw knocks them out of their recovery animation, then pushes them to the other side of the screen with a Wall Dive.
Claw’s backflip allows the last hit of Dee Jay’s Super to hit meaty, on the same frame as his Air Slasher, which keeps Claw grounded for a follow up combo.

1:40 After another Maj jump™, Dee Jay hits Claw with a close st.HK. Normally this attack only hits once, unless when there’s a fireball pushing you back into the second hit. As this was probably completely unintended, this does a ton of damage. Dee Jay completes a Super motion, walks forward long enough for the Air Slasher window to run out, hits a st.MP and then cancels it into his Super, which has a longer activation window, doing a full life bar of damage.

1:44 The last hit of Dee Jay Machine Gun Uppercut hits Claw meaty on the same frame as his Air Slasher, cancelling the knockdown it normally does and allowing him to combo into a second MGU.

1:48 This time it’s a MK Rolling Sobat which hits Claw meaty on the same frame as an Air Slasher, allowing for a follow up combo into Super.

1:52 Dhalsim, Sagat and Ken have a weird glitch in this game where if you execute a reversal Super, instead of the Super coming out, they will perform the last special move they did. This can allow for multiple fireballs to be on screen at once, though only one will have hitboxes, the other(s) will only be there visually.
In this case, Dhalsim gets hit out of the recovery of his LP Yoga Fire. The other Dhalsim lands and does a Yoga Blast, causing him to lean back into the Yoga Fire. The first Yoga fire disappears just as the second one comes out, so it too does have hitboxes.
Normally characters have to wait for their fireballs to have disappeared to be able to even go into the startup animation of another one, but because of the glitch, Dhalsim was able to start the second Yoga Fire much earlier.
He recovers from the second one in time to walk forward and cancel a b+LK into his Super.

1:58 After another Maj jump™, Guile activates his Super. Claw punches into the last frame of its second to last hit, causing him to get hit, but stay grounded as he is kept in hitstun by Guile’s Sonic Boom. Guile lands in time to combo a st.LK into a Flash Kick.

2:01 Ken uses the same setup as Guile and hits Claw meaty with a MP Shoryuken, the first hit of which doesn’t knock down. Claw subsequently gets hit by Ken’s Hadouken, allowing Ken to land and execute a Super. (Ken can actually hit Claw with a st.LP and cancel that into a Super, but that would dizzy Claw, no matter what I tried. Full Super is more fun.)

2:07 His Spinning Pile Driver makes Zangief lean forward far enough for Ryu’s Super to pass completely through him.
Depending on the strength of the SPD, Zangief actually has several chances to still land the throw. LP version gives him 12 attempts, MP 8 and HP 6.
This is the LP version. Ryu’s Super invincibility frames keep him safe for a while, but he becomes throwable on Zangief’s last throw frame, when he already looks like he’s giving up.
Then he just inputs the stage Fatality code and Ryu goes down the pit.

soundtrack: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door OST – X-Naut Fortress

released today, July 21st, 2015

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