SF3 Series Combo Video 9 by P.M.

SF3 series part 9-13, this time the juggle properties for the post throw animation was the main point for most of the cast. It was never truly explored until now just which throws can be comboed from and into and put into a series of videos. You can really expect trades you haven’t seen before and/or improved use of glitches. You can find parts 10 to 13 in my channel.

Highlights: Combo Video 11 really focused on most of the characters post throw potential at some part of the SF3 versions.

combos and editing by P.M.
Special thanks to everyone still supporting SF3.

released , April 16th, 2015

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  1. his1nightmare says:

    10/10 for some of the ideas, like oro’s post throw link

    I thought porn wasn’t allowed on youtube.

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