Smash 4 1.08 Combos and More from 4Glory Gaming

The 1.08 patch for Smash 4 came with many surprises but none greater than the inclusion of the World Warrior Ryu. Since then 4Glory Gaming has been in the lab; creating a combo exhibition worthy of the ultimate Street Fighter himself. Filled with optimal damage strings, edgeguard setups, and footstool locks, whether you are a beginner or advanced level player there is something to learn!

4GG also gave a nod to the returner Roy in a short but sweet exhibition of the Fire Emblem warrior. With his quick movement and exciting combos, Roy is looking to be everyone’s boy.

Lastly they created a 1.08 patch combo video, highlighting major buffs given to the non-DLC characters. While patch notes are very helpful, a visual aid goes a long way into showcasing how to look at the new changes. Definitely worth a watch!

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