GGXrd: Elphelt Valentine Combo Video by Persona

The amount of muscle memory needed for some of her combos is insane. Elphelt’s moveset for combos is pretty limited but the creativity comes into how you can fit her Berry Pines inbetween hits since you first have to set the bomb off and then throw it before it explodes on you. In terms of execution, she can do a ton of damage with her Aim Ms. Travailler (shotgun) loops but it requires muscle memory so you can quickly repeat the reps without much thought. From a watcher’s point of view, it looks easy but you actually have to reload her shot inbetween hits while keeping the opponent glued to the wall. To increase the timing difficulty even more, if you leave her in the Aim Ms. Travailler stance for a brief moment, she’ll go into a charge mode where the shot fired will put the opponent onto the wall. Without the charged shot, the opponent goes into a normal juggle state. Other than these two complicated things, her chain combos are simple to understand.

Combos and editing: Persona

Soundtrack: Guilty Gear Xrd OST: Marionette

Released today, January 26, 2015

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