GGXrd: Slayer Combo Video by Persona

Slayer seems like a pretty straightforward character for combos compared to the other characters which makes it quite easy to follow along when watching. I purposely don’t end the combos for okizeme since this isn’t a practical combo video. His meter seems like it’s better spent for Red Roman Cancel than supers since it allows him to do a ton of very deadly stuff. Also his air super can actually hit twice, from his body and from the light around his body, doing a ton of damage. If only his body hits, the juggled opponent falls straight down but if only the light hits, they continue being juggled. The combo on Faust is a good example while the combo on Zato=1 shows the 2 hits.

Combos and editing: Persona

Soundtrack: Guilty Gear Xrd OST: Jack-A-Dandy

Released today, January 3, 2015

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