Ultra Street Fighter IV: “That ain’t Omega!” by Doopliss

While other people are focusing on Omega, I wanted to make a video about the changes to the main game. Close to every combo-relevant change is featured in this video.

Decapre 950 stun combo at 0:00, Dan 11 Gadoken combo at 2:25, Oni EX DP to Air U1 combo at 3:05, Guile stun combo at 3:27

Combos and editing by: Doopliss

I feel this video is straight forward enough to not require a transcript, if you simply look at the change list for the 1.04 patch. I’d like to explain some things though:
-Decapre’s c.HPx2 requires you to hit the first one meaty, which can be done on many characters of average size or smaller after a jump-in when they’re crouching. It won’t reach some characters though, mainly Shotos.
-When doing c.HPx2 on Akuma, I had to have my back to the wall, he needed to walk closer as I jumped and, since I needed a counterhit to stun him, he had to do c.MK just as I hit him high enough for him not to be pushed back by my collision box. It’s the most annoying positioning set-up I’ve ever had to perform.
-The Dan combo features 9 unplinkable 1f links. Not something I want to do by hand, luckily the turbo setting on my fightpad was perfect for doing it, by simply holding LP for the jabs and cancels, so I dind’t have to record it with tool assistance.
-For the Akuma combo, It’s actually pretty easy to do U2 from c.MK by pressing “db.MK, UF, DB, UF+3P~3K”. 3K doesn’t need to be plinked, you simply have to press it during the first frame of the teleport. It works because the DP input of “any F, any D, any F” accepts “UF, DB, UF” as a DP.
-The Akuma, Guile and last Decapre combo are recorded on PC, but since shadowplay is acting up for me, they suffer from bad frame rate and/or poor sound quality. Akuma and Decapre were too hard to do for me to want to rerecord them, and the Guile combo requires Tool Assistance thanks to that SB to U1 in the end.

Soundtrack: Xenoblade Chronicles OST – Gaur Plains

Released today, December 16th, 2014

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