Ultra Street Fighter IV: Redux Combo Video Part 1 By Cjbqulix

An all new combo video series where I update my old outdated C.C.V’s with fresh new ultra specific combos for the cast ive already covered so far! Alot of red focus application and flashy combos are present in this huge non-stop combo fest of a video!

Characters included – (Chun Li, Seth, Cammy, Sagat)

Highlights: All fireball sagat combo at 0:48, 1:57 Guaranteed U2 Cammy setup using a glitch, Quick finger lighting loops into Red focus into a flip kick meaty light punch link into ultra 1 setup, 2:54 BARELY hitting abel with cammys array of moves, 3:01 Using decapres U1 to land a huuuuge seth combo including 6 spinkicks with toe taps into U2

Music: Holding on to sound by Stonebank

Released- September 9th, 2014

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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