Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm (alpha) Combo Video 1 by Leebee

after the recent release of alpha keys for Yatagarasu: AoC, I wanted to dive in and really look at what are some of the characters’ most efficient/damaging options. here’s a little taste of this awesome game. it’s mostly filled with Crow stuff, but there’s some Hanzo and Kou tech as well.

getting a little extra damage with Crow by inserting a 236LP before super at :18, huge damage Crow Shin Shoryuken combo from anywhere onscreen at :24, most damaging midscreen parry counter juggle from Crow at :49, Kou corner parry counter juggle using 214214P and juggling after it

combos and editing by Leebee


this video is about clearing up a few things: how using 2HP makes for more damaging combos for Crow, and also how simple his most damaging BnB is. it’s also about showcasing some midscreen parry counter juggles; Kou has trouble continuing his because he doesn’t have a move that repeatedly juggles besides his DP without using meter. I also wanted to showcase a trio of Hanzo combos into setups because I only see people going for j.LP>j.HP after launching; you can do more damage and get setups as well by using j.HK! finally, there’s a pretty cool use of Kou’s 214214P super for an extra-damaging corner parry counter juggle that is very hard to time, but so satisfying. hope you enjoy it!

soundtrack: Grammatik – Muy Tranquilo

released today, September 9th, 2014

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