Ultra Street Fighter IV: Hugo Combo Video By Cjbqulix

My first Combo Video for USF4 Featuring the big potato himself! Huge damage, Huge never before seen combos, and Huge links galore are all featured in this stylish if a bit impractical Hugo combo video!

Highlights: 0:33 Odd/specific links on blanka, 0:46 Anti Air EX lariat into 2 LP claps into U2, 1:15 6hits of juggled claps into U2 for HUGE damage!, 1:49 8 count em 8! S.mp links then link Lp to super to finish it off strong!

Music: Hawk- battle essentials Created by Teamspooky X digicreates X godlikegaming music

Released August 20th 2014

Combos and Editing by Cjbqulix

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