SF3 Third Strike ORO 100% Combo Video by P.M.

It´s not very common that a single SF character can 100% kill the entire cast in fighting games, this combo video is something that i did just to show how powerful and how many tools Oro really has in 3S, only SA2 and SA3 have many character specific setups you can use to get a full stun combo, TA was needed to get the hitbox interaction needed for the single hit Tengu juggles and EX Sun Disk meaty setups, IMO Oro is the most versatile character in the entire SF universe with so many normals, combos, special, supers, and EX supers, if you like this character as much as me you will enjoy this video very much.

Highlights: Urien sun disk one frame link trade at 1:20, Twelve double meaty sun disk at 0:43, Q 12 x standing FK juggles at 2:59

combos and editing by P.M.

soundtrack: Street Fighter III 2nd Impact ~ Cave Man (Oro’s theme) [Extended]

released today, May 9th, 2014

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2 Responses to SF3 Third Strike ORO 100% Combo Video by P.M.

  1. his1nightmare says:

    Nicely done. Some new setups here and there and overall something different for a change. And the Ibuki combo kicked in at the absolutely right moment :).

  2. k3rr3k says:

    Oro is so entertaining to watch.

    h1n, I love your DMC videos man. I always knew you were into fighting games but never expected to see you here. What happened to the youtube channel?

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