Super Street Fighter IV AE2012: Rose Combo Video By Cjbqulix

Continuing my C.C.V series with another entry! This time, Rose is the featured character! Soul reflect and big damage combos are aplenty in this stylish Combo Video.

Highlights: 1:08 Big damage combo on abel using lots of projectiles to keep the combo going, 1:35 Reflecting 3 hits of goukens hadoukens back at him at tight angles and linking U1, 2:05 using Deejays juggle potential on his fireballs for a crazy juggle combo, 2:48 Juggling 3 hits of goukens hadoukens then using the free juggle state to combo U1 for a fancy finish!

Soundtrack: Itvara by Fractal

Released April 22nd 2014

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