SFA3 V-Cody Tool-Assisted Playthrough 6 by leandroff5

This appears to be the sixth and final draft of a Street Fighter Alpha 3 TAS (or TAP) starring eveyone’s favorite handcuffed knife-wielding brawler, Cody.

SFA3 V-Cody two-way knife jab combo at 1:00, V-Cody triple guard crush VC at 2:00, V-Cody mid-chain knife pickup at 4:50, and V-Cody multi-projectile juggle VC at 9:25

gameplay by leandroff5

released today, September 11th, 2010

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2 Responses to SFA3 V-Cody Tool-Assisted Playthrough 6 by leandroff5

  1. error1 says:

    weird this is the second time I’ve heard it called a TAP and the first time was a couple hours ago. I think I still prefer calling it a tool assisted superplay even though I called the rainbow edition run a tas “playthrough”, because I don’t like “playaround”, the accepted TAS term for a run that doesn’t go for speed. lol semantics

  2. Maj says:

    This is my first time hearing the abbreviation “TAP” too. I don’t think i like it either, because it’s both an actual word and an already established acronym (Balrog’s Turn Around Punch). But i usually try to use as much of the author’s title as i can.

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