KoF XIII: King Combo Video by Persona

I never found King an interesting character, both in terms of character and gameplay. But I’ll admit that I really loved the way SNK has changed her in XIII. Her ‘new’ look is nice and her ‘new’ gameplay is very unique and interesting. Her practical combos does solid damage for little resources (always a better choice to stick to drive cancels instead of HD mode) but like her teammate Mai, if you want anything over the top, you’ll be having to spend all your gauges to get it done. The reason why you need a ton of gauges is because the only way you’ll be able to continue your HD combos is if you’re willing to spend power gauges on her air EX qcf K. That’s the only move that will put you on the ground quick enough to continue damage. Of course, if you’re greedy, you can always do her [dp K xx hcb B] loops but it kills the damage completely and to be honest, you’re much better off just using one drive cancel instead of both for HD mode.

Her combos are also about positioning. From afar, you’re open to several combo options but lose close options. From close, you’re open to several options but lose far options. And the only way you can go back and forth is with her air EX qcf K since it pushes you back so you’re out of the corner. Her Neo Max is also terrible. The only good use for it is max canceling from her qcfx2 AC or by finding enough time to jump and do it manually. The normal full amount of hits it does is 17 but with correct positioning, you can get 18 although 17 seems to be the max on a juggled opponent (18 hits work on a standing opponent).

combos and editing by Persona

Soundtrack: King of Fighters XIII OST: Who is Queen?

released today, March 6th, 2014

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