KoF XIII: Mai Shiranui Combo Video by Persona

This woman makes me frustrated. Definitely one of the hardest KoF XIII combo videos I’ve made. Although it looks like I’m just doing the same loops again and again, there’s a ton of one frame links. Along with those one frame links, there’s also strict positioning in terms of both horizontal and vertical positions. Mai can easily go over 50% damage with little resources but getting 100% is a big problem simply because her combo enders just doesn’t do good damage. For example, when damage is fully scaled, she probably has the least damaging supers in the game. Along with that, her air SDM (which is the best super she has) just takes too much time which obviously will waste a ton of HD meter. That’s why I needed to rely on fireball setups to either get enough stun or to reach 100% damage. Also with perfect timing, you can actually get 13 hits from her air SDM instead of the usual 12 hits.

combos and editing by Persona

soundtrack: KoFXIII OST – Who is Queen?

released today, December 7th, 2013

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