JoJo ASB: 1.03 Combo/Tech Video 1 by Leebee

Covers characters from Parts I-III. I created this video as a compilation of “DO THIS STUFF” if you play this character. although some of this stuff is technically hard to pull off, it’s all viable and practical. you’ll prolly see overlap in this video with other combo videos, but that’s just because I’ve had this footage for a long time and hadn’t released any of it yet. See transcript below. More to come.

Jonathan combo after HHA at 1:26, Joseph max damage loop at 2:38, Cars max damage meterless BnB at 3:29, Jotaro tech and combos at 3:45 onward, Abdul max damage 1 meter combo at 5:59, DIO corner loop at 7:52

combos and editing by Leebee



1. ~2Hx236LxPC, Taunt, j.M~
low mixup option. you get to add a j.M at the range you’re at for a little extra damage.

2. ~2M/2Hx214L, 236LxPC, Taunt~
high mixup option. 214L brings you too close to hit a j.M after the taunt combo, however.

3 .6AA, 236L/MxPC, 66, Taunt~
taunt combo from forward throw. you can actually dash after the taunt or before.

4 .4AA, 236MxPC, 66, Taunt, j.M~
taunt combo from back throw. due to the range, you get that extra j.M at the beginning.

5. j.H, 2L5LMHx46S, [66, 2L5LMHx6Lx46S]x2, 66, 2L5LMH6Lx214H
308 Damage
optimized BnB. you have to vary the timing of the juggle on certain characters. for some you will have to omit the 2Ls or the 6Ls to get the 46S to juggle properly. gives you plenty of time to setup for oki. you can end the loops anytime you want. notice the meter cost.

6. j.H, 5MHx6HxHHA, 236S, Taunt, [66]x2, 5MHx46S, 66, 2L5LMHx6Lx46HxHHA
695 Damage
first lazy combo by me. you can continue for 2 more 46S juggle loops like above for more damage. idea comes from a jp combo video shown on only short characters. this works on all, you just need to change the normals potentially after the first HHA to get the 46S to juggle.

Will Zeppeli

1. ~2Hx63214S, 66, j.M~
low mixup option. doesn’t do amazing damage since the scaling after 63214S, but is still useful. tacking on the j.M adds a little extra damage without having to spend meter for j.6S stuff.

2. ~2M/2H(1 hit)x623S, 236MxPC, 66, Taunt~
high mixup option. only works on Wham, Joseph, Okuyasu, Fugo, (still adding characters). the 623S can be hard to see coming and does a ton of guard crush damage as well if they do block it.

3. 6AA/4AA, 236SxPC, Taunt, 66~
same combo for both forward and back throw. this only works on the above characters. time your PC right after the 2nd projectile appears.

4. j.H, 5LMHx6Mx623S, 236MxPC, 66, Taunt, 66, 2L5LMHx6Mx63214S, 66, j.M, 2L5LMHx214MxHHA
552 Damage
2 bar BnB for Will. only works against those certain characters, but is meter efficient in terms of damage.

1. j.H, 2L5LMHx3Sx214HxPC, j.M, 214H hits, j.H, [5LHx3Sx214L, 66]x2, 5LHx3Sx22AxHHA, 236A
648 Damage
Joseph high damage ~1.5 bar combo. you can limit the number of reps of the loop to however many you want and you’ll still get high damage. make sure to hold down your dash to get close enough to continue if you want to do more loops. you can take out the HHA at the end, use another 22A to OTG and still net 544 damage for less than 1 bar.


1. S, j.H, 2L5LMHx214MxPC, j.M, 5LM2Hx6Hx22S, j.H, 5LHx236A, 6S
460 Damage
since he lost his loop, I figured I’d try to find something new for ACDC in 1.03. he can at least do one thing new: since 2H can be canceled, you can do it into 6H and then cancel into 22S if you’ve already activated S. this lets you combo after it with a j.H and you can continue your combo from there. you can probably do more damage by executing a taunt combo, as it would allow you to burn the opponent for longer with the effects of 22S.


1. 6AA/4AA, 5Hx214MxPC, Taunt, j.H~
forward and back throw taunt combo. the 5H is kara-canceled to bring you forward very quickly.

2. j.H, 2L2L5M2Hx623Ax29, j.Hxj.66xj.214H, Taunt, 66, 2L5MH6Hx623A (1 hit)x29, j.MHxj.214M
520 Damage
Cars meterless BnB. concept came from a jp combo video, but only worked against characters where the 214H would hit multiple times (Wham, Joseph…etc.) this way, it works against all characters and provides huge damage potential for Cars. you must kara-cancel the j.H into the j.66 before j.214H otherwise Cars won’t drop to the ground after it (he needs to do 3 actions in the air before falling). cancel the j.66 fairly late or you won’t be close enough to hit after the Taunt.


1. (s) ~2M2Hx63214HxSR, 66, 2L5L, (Breath), 2L~
low mixup option for Jotaro in Stand On. you must Stand Rush the 63214H early or you won’t have enough time to dash in. very easy to get used to; used in his BnB below).

2. (s) ~2L2Mx6Hx63214HxSR, 66, 2L5L, (Breath), 2L~
high mixup option for Jotaro in Stand On. 6H has great range, so you can use it to outrange the opponent if they’re just mashing on 2L in the middle of all of your blockstrings.

3. (s) j.H, 2L5LMHx63214HxSR, 66, 2L5L, (Breath), 2L2L5LMHx3Hx63214A
305 Damage
Stand On BnB. always use 63214A to end these combos unless you’ll be supercanceling 236H as damage scaling will make it do more and it gives a hard knockdown.

4. (s) j.H, 5MHx623AxSR, 3H, (Star Finger), j.M, 2L2L5LMHx3Hx236[H]x[HHA], 22S, [66]x3, 5LMH, j.H, 5LMHx3Hx63214A
733 Damage (483+250)
2 bar high damage Stand On combo. you must only use 5MH at the beginning because if you add a 5L, the 3H won’t be close enough to hit after the Stand Rush. you can utilize that beginning as part of a BnB like above to do ~330 damage for no net meter cost. when using 22S, make sure to delay it so that the combo “ends;” you can get the timing down by kara-canceling from a 5MH.

5. j.H 5LMHx3HxPC, S, 5LHx623AxSR, 3H, (Star Finger), j.M, 2L2L5LMHx3Hx236[H]x[HHA], 22S, [66]x3, 5LMH, j.H, 5LMHx3Hx63214A
798 Damage (548+250)
3 bar combo starting from Stand Off. you must walk forward after turning your stand on before the 5LHx623A.

6. (s) j.H, 5MHx623AxSR, 3H, (Star Finger), j.M, 2L5LMHx3HxPC, S, 5LHx623AxSR, 3H, (Star Finger), j.M, 2L2L5LMHx3Hx623Hx[HHA], 22S, [66]x3, 5LMH, j.H, 5LMHx3Hx63214A
880 Damage (630+250)
Jotaro Stand On max damage concept. you must use 623H instead of 236H before HHA at the end of the combo or you won’t build enough meter for activating 22S.


1. 6AA, [66]x2, 214LxPC, Taunt, S, 5MHx623HxSR, 66, 5L, 5LMx41236A~
forward throw Stand Off taunt combo utilizing Abdul’s optimal BnB route. back throw seems to put them too far for followup.

2. (s) j.H, 5LMHx214HxSR, j.L, j.L, 5LMHx236HxHHA
442 Damage
basic Stand On BnB route for Abdul. people should stop using only 214M for Stand Rush combos, as this does more damage easily.

3. (s) j.H, 5LMHx623HxSR, 5L, 5LMx41236A, S, 66, 5LMHx623HxSR, 5L, 5LMHx236HxHHA
573 Damage
1 bar Stand On BnB for Abdul. I chose not to include any Stand Off 2Hx214L Taunt Combos because I feel that they’ll be patched out soon; this combo shows that Abdul can easily still do huge damage without utilizing them. the timing is harder on certain characters (Ermes) and easier on others (Kiras). you have to make it so that they land on the 5LM as high as possible and cancel into 41236A as fast as possible.


1. (s) 6AA, j.236MxSR, Taunt~
forward throw taunt combo for .25 meter. because of Kakyoin’s low damage and the distance this puts you at, it’s usually better to go for okizeme/setups rather than damage.

2, (s) 4AA, j.236MxSR, Taunt~
back throw taunt combo. unlike the forward variation, you must jump backwards before doing Emerald Splash.

3.(s) 63214A, [2L5L]x5, Mx236LxSR, j.L, 5LMx6Mx236LxHHA
446 Damage
Stand On corner combo from command throw. depending on if you are too far from the corner or if the opponent is starting to fall out of it, you can start with just 5M or truncate the number of loops you include.


1. (s) 5LMHx623HxHHA, [j.H, 5L]x3, j.M, 5L, j.H, 5LHx623HxSR, 66, j.M, 5MHx214A
370 Damage
Stand On HHA corner loop. can be pulled off from a considerable distance outside of the corner because of j.H’s range.

Hol Horse

1. 6AA/4AA, 214L, Taunt~
forward/back throw combo for Hol Horse. this only works if you throw them near a puddle you’ve already created. plan accordingly.

2. j.H, 5LMHx214HxPC, j.Mxj.236H, 214A, 66, 5LMHxSx236S, 2L5MHxSx236S, Taunt, 66, 5LMHxSx236S, 2L5MHx214H
455 Damage
Hol Horse BnB. uses 1 bar, but gains it all back in the process. if they’re crouching, you can opt to do the taunt combo part at the beginning at the cost of a little damage due to damage scaling. otherwise, 214H’s first hit will whiff on crouching opponents.


1. (s) j.H, 2L5LMHx236LxHHA, 22S, S, [66]x2, 5MHx214L, S, 2M, [2L5L2M]x3, 2L5LMHx236H
722 Damage (373+349)
2 bar Stand On high damage combo. showcases post timestop loop that is a guaranteed setup from the positioning caused by HHA. I whiffed part of the last part of the ender; when done correctly, does more damage than 349.

2. j.H, 5MHx214LxPC, S, 2M, [2L5L2M]x3, 2L5LMHx236HxHHA, 22S, S, j. H, 5MHx214, S, 2M, [2L5L2M]x3, 2L5LMHx236H
952 Damage (587+365)
3 bar Stand Off corner combo. utilizes the corner loop off of a 214LxPC. the number of loops can be truncated depending on if the opponent is starting to get pushed out of the corner. due to the large amount of meter gain, you have enough time to land a j.H at the beginning of the timestop combo.

soundtrack: Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix)- DJ Fresh
Gold Dust (2010) – DJ Fresh feat. Ce’Cile

released November 6th, 2013

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