Neogeo Classic Combos Samurai Showdown Tribute Requiem

My newest combo video is a request from someone and has combos of various Samurai Showdown games from the Neogeo era.

SS Wan-fu vs Charlotte throw to death combo at 0:24, SS3 Genjuro vs Gaira push throw into corner infinite at 1:54, SS5 Jubei vs Yunfei without weapon start and mid combo weapon pick-up flashy combo at 4:38, SS5 Galford vs Yunfei without weapon dog show, SS5sp Mizuki vs Zankuro re-jump combo after freeze mode end at 5:49

Combos & editing by ihate_00

All games and Music in this video are property of their respective owners, they were used without any view of profit. All combos were performed on keyboard; no tools, cheats or hacks were used.
Most of these combos were a product of research during when I was trying out SS3, SS5 & SS5sp for flashy Genjuro stuff & fooled around with other characters out of boredom. SS1 & SS2 combos are something I tried out after “0supermoose” requested a SS series cmv. This cmv is kind of a left-over plus request thing and is dedicated to – 0supermoose.

“Girl of Revolution (Charlotte Ending)”
“Tuna (Galford)”
“Ground (Earthquake)”
“Sinister (4 Jin Masaru Kachi Demo)”
– From Samurai Showdown OST

Dedicated To – 0supermoose (who requested a Samurai Showdown cmv)

Special Thanks to – & the forum members there

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