KoFXIII Mai Shiranui CMV Bouncy Edition by Dark Chaotix

Fresh off my Takuma vid, I jumped right into the fray with the ninja hotness Mai Shiranui. I couldn’t help with the title name, but I thought it was appropriate. In order to get the most of her, timing and spacing is required and it can be a frustrating task getting them all in one combo. ’12’ is the magic number of hits with her SDM, I’ll say that much. Onto the next character!

Stun combo without using stocks at 0:09, Fire spinning at 1:35, Mid screen aerial SDM’s at 2:59 and “burning that meter” at 4:45

combos and editing by Dark Chaotix

soundtrack: : KoF R-1 – Mai Mai Kyuun (OST)

released on November 1st, 2013

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