JoJo ASB: Multiple Character Combo Video #3 by Doopliss

Version 1.03 introduced a lot of new things, as well as restored a lot of old ones. Juggles work like in v.1.01 again, and jump recovery and instant airmoves have been restored to v.1.01 status as well. Instead they have implemented various Infinite Prevention Systems (IPS) to limit the amount of times the same move can be used in a combo or as an OTG. You can also cancel normal moves into GHAs now, cancel Sweeps into the same stuff you can cancel into from any other normal, and you can cancel a move into Stand On for one bar of your HH gauge (not shown in this video).

Caesar Laser barrage at 0:06, Diavolo Tar abuse at 1:45, Kakyoin GHA follow-up at 2:27, Joseph Cracker Volley barrage at 3:40, Koichi restand and OTG combo at 5:27, Annasui extended juggle at 5:54.

Combos and editing by Doopliss


Game-specific terminology:
Son=Stand On
Soff=Stand Off
PC=Puttsun Cancel
SR=Stand Rush
HHA=Heart Heat Attack
GHA=Great Heat Attack
(M1) or (S2)= Specifies with X-button is referred to, if there’s more than one.

0:06 – Combo #1:
-j.H, 2L xx 5L xx 2M xx 5H xx 623+S xx PC, (214+S, 5M)x3, 214+S, 2M, Dash, 5LMH xx 623+A xx HHA, Taunt.
-First Medium has to be a crouching Medium thanks to the IPS, which ends the combo after the fifth identical Medium or Heavy has been used. 214+S has the perfect delay and recovery to be looped togethwe with Mediums.

0:23 – Combo #2:
-Son 236+(M1) (Hold) xx SR, js.(M2), 5L xx 5(M2), (Release (M1)), j.H, 5LMH xx 623+A, HHA, Taunt.
-For this combo, I bind another button to Medium, so that I can still use it while holding the 236+M unblockable. Okuyasu’s HHA hits OTG, but it’s too slow to be comboed into normally. Hermes with her stickers is a good way to buy the extra time needed for it to land.

0:39 – Combo #3:
-Soff j.H, 5LMH xx 6H xx PC, 5LMH xx 6H xx 623+A xx PC, 623+A xx HHA (Hold 9), Taunt.
-When Echoes Act 3 runs over the sticker placed by 623+A, Koichi is launched into the air, but still remains in his HHA animation. You can control this “jump”, choosing to go straight up, backwards or forwards. I Taunt on the last possible frame before the combo is considered over, which is why the dummy is getting up and already made his “get up” sound.

0:51 – Combo #4:
-Soff j.H, 5LMH xx 214+L xx PC, Dash, js.H, 5LMH xx 623+H xx Whiffed S, 22H xx L xx PC, jump forward, 22M xx M.
-Hol Horse won’t get hit by 22A as an OTG if done by his feet while lying still, which is why I whiff S below him to get to the other side.

1:06 – Combo #5:
-Son j.H, 2L xx 5LMH xx 214+H xx SR, j.Mx2, 2L xx 5L, 5LH xx HHA, Son, Taunt.
-Adding an extra j.M after the Stand Rush can be tricky and very dependant on spacing and what character you’re facing. However, if you’re not certain it will work, you can just skip it and do the combo with one j.M. I feel ti works the best if you get Diver Down to hit the opponent away from you during 214+H. You need to Stand Rush it as soon as possible for the j.M to hit before the last hit of 214+H.

1:23 – Combo #6:
-Son 41236+H, j.H, 5LMH xx 214+L xx HHA, Soff, 214+A xx PC, Taunt, HHA, Taunt.
-The cross-up after max range 41236+H is character specific. It feels like the taunt restand is too. Johnny allowed for both, which is why I chose him as the dummy. Fun Fact: You can land 5L or 2L after HHA if your stand is on.

1:45 – Combo #7:
-Son 421+A counter, Dash Old Joseph into his Tar Puddle, js.H, 2LH xx 6H xx PC, j.M, 2LH xx PC, j.Hx2, 2M, Taunt
-Normally any attempt to attack after Diavolo’s taunt ends the skip which allows the opponent to act. But by pushing Joseph into his own Tar puddle, no attack has technically been made, allowing him to combo off of his counter. Old Joseph bounces too high from a groundbounce for 2MH to connect. However, this allows Diavolo to juggle with another j.H if the first one hits really late.

2:00 – Combo #8:
-Soff j.L, 214+H xx PC, 2L, 214+H xx 5L, 214+H xx HHA, Taunt.
-Soff Rohan is extremely limited in the combo department. He can however link 214+A after his Lights, which is the only way to combo off of them without using meter.

2:13 – Combo #9:
-Soff j.M, 2Lx2 xx 5LMH xx 214+A, 5H xx 6M xx HHA, Son, Taunt.
-This combo is weird. 6H will usually hit on the last possible frame, leaving the opponent in a hard knockdown, but sometimes 5H gets a lot of extra hitfreeze, which makes this combo possible. Other characters allow this combo without that happening, but Wham does not. It’s easy to visually confirm if you got it to work or not, so you do not risk wasting your meter.

2:27 – Combo #10:
-Son 63214+A, 2L xx 5H, 2L xx 5MH xx GHA, 236+H xx PC, Dash, Taunt, 5M xx 623+H, Taunt.
-Kakyoin’s 5H has a lot of hits that stay out for a long time, allowing juggles like these in the corner. His GHA is the only GHA I know wwith enough dead time afterwards to allow for any kind of realistic follow-up.

2:57 – Combo #11:
-Son js.H, 5LMH xx (22Ax2 xx PC, Dash)x2, 22Ax2, Taunt.
-Hermes stays on the ground onger than any other character, which allows for some unique OTG combos that works on nobody else. You can only use a move as an OTG five times, the fifth making it stop connecting after the first hit. In V.1.02, you could land a total of eight 22A this way.

3:14 – Combo #12:
-Soff js.H, Dash, 2L xx 5LMH xx 236+H, 2L xx 5LM xx 2H xx 214+Axx PC, Taunt, 5H xx GHA, Taunt.
-Iggy gets more frame advantage off of 236+A the lower the opponent’s head is during the animation. On himself, he gets enough frame advantage (and lands close enough) to continue his combo. In v.1.02 he recovered as soon as he landed, allowing 5L to hit on many characters, and even his GHA on shorter ones. Now it has added recovery, similar to the air version.

3:40 – Combo #13:
-(Start holding (S1)), (214+(S2))x4, Run in, 2L(Release (S1)) xx 5LMH xx 3S xx 623+S, Taunt, 5LMH xx 3S xx 22A xx HHA, 22S, Taunt.
-Another button is bound to S and held during the 214+S part of the combo, making them return to Joseph while still allowing him to throw new ones. The coconut from 623+S is used for a taunt combo, allowing Joseph to tack on some extra damage afterwards. Instead of doing the Follow-up of his HHA, I choose to do a 22S OTG and end with another Taunt, since the HHA follow-up has a soft knockdown. In v.1.02, you could land 6-8 214+S by kara-ing 5H, but like with Mediums and Heavies, the 5th identical special ends the combo in v.1.03.

4:04 – Combo #14:
-Son 214+M xx SR, 2M xx PC, Dash, 214+A, 5H xx 6M xx PC, Dash, 5L, 5LH xx 623+A, Taunt.
-While I haven’t tried this in practice, the first part of this combo looks like it would be really hard to block properly. Unlike with Wham, 5H xx 6M will work just fine on Pucci even without the extra hitfreeze, but it still happened during this recording.

4:16 – Combo #15:
-Soff 2H (activate hazard), HHA (Hold), (Hermes apply stickers)(Release HHA) xx HHA xx HHA (Car hits)(HHA hits), Taunt.
-Hermes’ stickers are used to get the first two HHAs to combo. The first one has to be held, not only because Hermes needs to apply her stickers, but also to get the hazard to trigger properly. Soff HHA ends in a teleport that can be PC’d or cancelled into another HHA, while Son HHA has A LOT of recovery, so Soff HHA is the best for combos.

4:34 – Combo #16:
-(Blind mode) 6H xx 623+A xx PC, j.Hx2, 5L xx GHA.
-In Blind Mode, Wham’s j.H doesn’t knock the opponent down, allowing him to use it in juggles. His GHA has too much recovery to allow him to taunt afterwards.

4:48 – Combo #17:
-Soff j.H, 5LM xx 2H xx 236+H, Dash, 5LM xx 2H xx 214+M xx PC, Son, 2MH xx 6H xx 623+A, Taunt.
-Dashing after 236+H is really tight. You have to hold forward during the dash to cancel it into a run, which allows it to be cancelled into a normal faster. Hitting with Son 2MH after 214+A xx PC is also extremely tight.This combo does an insane amount of damage for only one bar, at almost 500 damage.

5:00 – Combo #18:
-Soff js.H, 5LMH xx 214+L xx S, 3Hx5 xx PC, (22H xx L xx PC)x2, Dash, 22H xx L.
-As mentioned in Combo #11, Hermes allows for some weird OTG combos. This one actually breaks the IPS, I’m guessing since the first hit whiffs, which makes it an infinite (See combo #21).

5:27 – Combo #19:
-Soff j.H, 2Lx2 xx 2MH xx 214+M, Taunt, Dash, 5LMH xx 236+Hx2 xx PC, Son, Dash, 5LMH xx 623+L xx SR, Walk forward 5L xx PC (when last hit of 623+L connects), Son, 623+Ax5, Taunt.
-Hermes’ stickers is needed to use 214+A for a Taunt restand. Son 623+A usually does not combo from 5H, but it does when Stand Rushed. Like mentioned in Combo #11 and #18, Hermes allows for unique OTG combos. This, in combination with her stickers, makes her the best dummy for OTGs by far.

5:54 – Combo #20:
-Soff j.M, 2L xx 5LMH xx 214+A, Dash, 2L xx 214+A, j.M, 2Lx2 xx 214+A, Dash, 2L xx 214+A xx PC, Son, j.H, 5LMH xx 214+H xx SR, j.Mx2, 5L, 5LH xx 6M xx HHA, Taunt.
-The launching part of Soff 214+A will only juggle against small characters. 5H xx 6H works really well against them too, it seems. This combo works best if the wall is to the right of Annasui (starting positions), otherwise the Son 214+H tends to go the wrong way.

6:26 – Combo #21:
-Soff js.H, 5LMH xx 214+L xx S, 3Hx14, Taunt.
-Just showing off that Combo #18 is actually an infinite. The best way to fix these things is probably to fix Hermes so that she gets up as fast as everyone else.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: Lonely Youth (Caesar’s Theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: Pink Dark Boy (Rohan’s Theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: Surpass My Aniki (Okuyasu’s theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: A True Warrior (Wham’s Theme)
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – All-Star Battle: His Name Is Annasui (Annasui’s Theme)

Released on October 29th, 2013

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